Chronicler VS Nyran - A bionicle Animation

just an animation that i made that shows Chronicler’s and Nyran’s self mocs fighting
took me a whole day to build them and then animate them !

tell me what you think !


Like I said before, it was more like a poking fight, but I can understand the struggle of animating with BIONICLEs. It’s not an easy task. So I’ll cut you some slack on that.

Also this:

This was the outcome I was expecting. Looks like I was wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was good!

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The animation was a little choppy, I’d suggest bumping up the FR, but other than that, this was pretty grand.

Nice job! :slight_smile:


Stop motion was a little rough, but I still found the fight very entertaining

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Not bad, I understand how hard it is to make stop motion.


It was a little rough around the edges, but It was alright. The stop motion did impress me in some areas. But the fight scenes need a little work. I may not be an expert in stop motion, but essentially it is posing a MOC for photo like you would in MOC photography, so I will say this: Don’t be afraid to use dynamic poses with the MOCs

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This should’ve been the outcome.
Thanks for the image, Cronk :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean it wasn’t Michael Bay level action, but it’s much better than I could do. So good job!

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