Chroniclers' Convergence 2015 Submission Thread

-Deadline for submissions is FEBRUARY 1, 2015
-Trailers MUST be submitted in this topic
-Trailers can be a MAXIMUM of five minutes
-Trailers should be related to BIONICLE, Hero Factory, Legends of Chima, or Ninjago
-Trailers do not have to be for a NEW project, they can be for currently-running projects as well




This has nothing to do with me, guys!

So we submit them here?

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Should I submit TTV INFINITY? For the expanded story, of course(shorts taking place after Chapter 11)

I know what I'm working on.



man this is going to be hard

Have a plan for a project that's been in development for a while, will see how it goes and maybe submit it in :3

Ohhhh yeah, even more hype.

Can we submit more than one trailer? As in, if we have more than one project.

Here is my trailer entry.

Its about connecting G1 and G2 Bionicle timelines by the Mask of Time (Vahi). With all the changes this decision makes, somethings never change ("Id love to change the world, but I dont know what to do"). Also this trailer holds the theory of Protectors son being Takua ("So Id leave it up to you"), hope we see him in the future....also Makuta is everywhere.

PS: Cant wait for the new Terminator movie, looks great.


Yep, that's perfectly fine.


Can story projects count? Like, written stories and such?

Would the WIP Kahinuva: Ace Attorney teaser count for this?


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Submission: CrackedBallSocket - "MASK OF AWESOME" - a Bionicle Inspired Album Trailer


it does not work, it leads me to what to watch on

Submission: Trailer for 'When You Chase the Light', an upcoming Thriller, Mystery series centered around Takanuva and inspired by Saya Moonshadow's 'Chasing the Sun'.


There's this project that I've been planning for a little over a year. @Mesonak can my trailer be an "announcement" of sorts, where it's a well done draft of the trailer? Because my project is in finalising the script stage, and I can't do a movie in 4 weeks, I'm not The Asylum. When I say well done, I mean a legit release standard trailer that's made with new footage instead of reused film footage.

cool, I have footage for my submission I just have editing to do!

This video has broken youtube for me on two computers. Is there something wrong with it?

Scroll to the bottom, where it says mobile desktop click desktop

Ohhhh yes