Chroniclers' Convergence 2016 Submissions Index

The submissions (and timestamps) are listed below! Thanks to all of you for the incredible response, and I hope this helps you all out in some way! Until next year, guys. :smiley:

(00:00) - BIONICLE Revolution by FailSafe42

(02:08) - Intro

(06:35) - Knight of Nights: Knoxus’ Story by @Connor_Hoffman

(09:12) - Bionicle Dark Aura by @toaofaure

(10:26) - The Biowave Project by @Hazash

(11:39) - BIONICLE Ignition 2 Scene by @BionicleN17

(13:43) - BIONICLE 2016 “Shadows” Trailer by @JoeSmith

(14:08) - BIONICLE: The Legend Continues by @dragologer

(16:15) - Pharaoh’s Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra by @BehindTheCamera

(17:10) - Project Overwatch by @VelociJACKtor

(19:34) - Volu’s Tale by @Brunamal

(22:00) - BIONICLE 2016: “The Good Guys” and “Swim with the Mahri 360” by @JoeSmith

(22:49) - Legends of Okoto by @Scorpion_Strike

(26:02) - Bionicle: The Legend Untold by @dragologer

(26:47) - BIONICLE VS Hero Factory: Apocalypse by @Toa_BionicleFactory

(28:02) - Bionicle: Game of Shadows by @Leoxandar

(29:19) - Bionicle: Shadows of Okoto by @EGProductions

(31:40) - Chronicle of Bio-Hero Series B by @williamfurno

(34:02) - Onu-Koro Fly Through by @Genericon

(35:00) - Vezon: Skakdi Attorney by @LQ1998 and The BCC Crew

(35:35) - Transformers vs. LEGO Star Wars Season 3 by @prentice1215

(37:41) - Slime Reviews by @Political_Slime

(39:45) - Brotherhood of Makuta Project by @Gilahu

(41:59) - BIONICLE Battle for Power by @Nutek

(43:44) - Tahu Cosplay by @ZiontyroMetalhead

(44:55) - Bionicle: Chronicles of Darkness by @Toa_Kasai

(48:35) - DC Comics Sword of the Atom by @VonDoom

(50:35) - Project Chronicles by @Deo4508

(51:38) - Bionicle G2 Dark Mirror by @Colta_doxs

(53:29) - THE FIRST TOA TEAM CONTEST by @Connor_Hoffman

(56:40) - BIONICLE Mysterious Island by @Azani
Credit goes to MrBFox on Deviantart for the Gali artwork.

(1:00:24) - Bionicle Theory: should we move on? by @kongu

(1:03:33) - New Metru Nui by @New_Metru_Nui

(1:06:30) - bionicle in action by @Tributron

(1:08:02) - Bionicle/Hero FActory/Mixels Series by @ProjectLegoAnimation

(1:08:57) - Bionicle: The Masks of Power by @Jocool1231

(1:10:51) - Outro


Awesome :slight_smile:

I thought I’d have the Biowave Topic up before this goes out but for now, if anyone’s interested in learning more about the Biowave Project, head to our website linked at the end of the trailer. And keep an eye out for the boards topic once it posts in a few weeks.

Fantastic work everyone!

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There were some really cool submissions this year. Glad to see that everyone is proving LEGO right when they said we would make sure BIONICLE lives on.

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Shame Bionicle Legacy couldn’t get the trailer done in time