Chronicler's Quest To Be The Best (An Interactive Adventure)


So basically, I'm on a quest to be the best Pokemon trainer who ever lived on Pokemon FireRed. Currently I have 54 Pokemon and I'm looking for Mewtwo. But as of now, I'm on my quest to become the best Pokemon trainer ever! Here is a topic to tell of my quest...

(Also, this will be a side project as it's easier to write than Kahi Nuva: Ace Attorney.)

Chapter 1

"Oh dang, I'm gonna be late!" Chronicler said to himself. He hurried out of his room and went downstairs, seeing his mother watching TV.

"Oh hey, bye mom," Chronicler told his mother.

"All boys leave home some day. It said so on TV."

Wow, these are the types of adults I have to deal with, Chronicler thought to himself. Anyways, Chronicler decided to get out of his house and meet Professor Kahi. He was going to choose his first-ever Pokemon and try to become the best trainer ever!

Inside Professor Kahi's lab, Chronicler saw his rival: Slime. Slime had been Chronicler's rival ever sense they were babies (for some odd reason). Now it was time for Chronicler to show him who was boss.

"Hah!" said Slime in his snide and nasty voice. "It's that idiot Chronicler again."

I get that comment a lot, Chronicler thought to himself. "Alright, Slime. Where is Professor Kahi?"

"Oh, he's probably hiding behind some building or whatever, waiting for some kid to walk out in tall grass or something. You should go look for him."

"Why can't you?" Chronicler asks.

"Because you're a pleb and a skrub, so go do it."

So, alas, Chronicler went to go find Professor Kahi. Sure enough, he was hiding behind a building, waiting for Chronicler to go and walk in some tall grass.

"Kahi, what the heck are you doing?"

"I'm hiding behind a building just in case you tried to go into that tall grass. Now, come, let's go back into the lab."

So Chronicler goes back into the lab with Kahi, Slime tapping his feet as he waited. "Oh now, you skrubs come back to pick a Pokemon!" Slime says with a sneer.

"Fine, let's get down to work. Chronicler, you get to go first."

"Why him?" Slime asks.

"Because he actually went to look for me," Kahi replied with a smile. Slime grumbled like the ten-year-old he was.

Chronicler came upon three Pokeballs. They contained three starter Pokemon: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

"Hurry up and make your decision!" Slime said impatiently.

Chronicler looked at the Pokeballs. I really wanna get a powerful one. Hmm... Which one shall I pick??

Charmander: A fire-type and Chronicler's original choice. Becomes the super-OP Charizard which Chronicler strives to have.

Squirtle: The swaggiest Pokemon around and also a water-type. Chronicler COULD take this one, but he doesn't WANT to. (I mean, even the box art shows a Charizard).

Bulbasaur: That one plant Pokemon that Chronicler DOESN'T want. He's fine, but he's a plant type, and only n00bs take plant types as starters.


Warning: Nobody pick Bulbasaur. You don't want to see the consequences.

I'm gonna go for Squirtle.


Rubs hands together evily

I say you pick Charmander, so I can get dat swigity swagity Squirtle.

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because me


Choose Squirtle Since Water is the Best and is the only one I choose

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I promise I won't go crazy again.


I say you pick Pikachu because he is popular with everyone.


Pikachu isn't being offered.

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Now I wondering What Happen


I wish there was a Lucario

Right now I'm only focusing on Generation 1 Pokemon because those are the ones I'm the most familiar with so far.


I Understand and im glad we wont see Clefkey

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I vote Charmander.

"Well, I guess I'm gonna pick Squirtle."

Chronicler gently picked up the Pokeball containing a Squirtle. Well, I guess it's gonna be me and this Squirtle that go and become the greatest Trainer and Pokemon to ever live.

Shall we give a name to our SQUIRTLE? What shall it be?



Really you could pick any of these. In the end, you will have a team to back up your choice. But if you really want Charmander...pick him. Like I said, you will have a team to back him up by the time your journey is almost done.

looks at recent reply...

Oh, you already picked squirtle...

You're a bit too late now. What name shall we give Squirtle?

Kenji Yakoumura


Plain and simple

Leroy Jenkins

I vote this


I Approve