Chronos - Toa of Time

Able to travel through time, slow time, speed up time, and even stop time, Chronos’ power rivals that of the gods.


Good work! I like the torso armor, I couldn’t have told that there was an Inika torso behind it without the shot from behind


Thanks! I combined a mid size CCBS torso with that piece from Malum.

Interesting look to him, actually works rather nicely. Only thing that feels a little off is the harpoon weapon which doesnt really fit my viewpoint on the character - who seems more muscly and physical weapon based. Kind of reminds me of Umbra for some unknown reason…


I don’t like the legs, everything else is :ok_hand:

Whenever I see the Mask of Life used, I’m like “its ya boi Mata Nui”, so maybe use Dekar’s keetorange Pehkui. I think it’ll be less distracting.


Looks great! I’m shocked that the Ignika works so well.

It’s edgy Mata Nui I love that torso build with the Glatorian shin armor on the chest and the Vorox armor with those black Bohrok eyes on the sides to give a nice sweeping effect! The light grey greebling seems kinda unessecary though and I personally think that the red accents don’t work with the colour scheme (maybe use the trans blue on the weapon for the accent)? Regardless, much better lookin than my Toa of Time :stuck_out_tongue:


That torso is :ok_hand: but i think it needs more of a neck, also I think theres a bit of texture clash btw the smooth limbs and the greebly torso feet and weapons. Still pretty cool though.

This is really good. Nice use of the Ignika.

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I like it, not know what link he has with time tho, but it’s not really like he has to have any

Love the chest design! Looks great

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