Chro's 2012-2013 BioMOC Portfolio

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A collection of my own personal favorites.

Created for a potential opportunity involving TLG back in January which never went anywhere.

I've decided that it would be a tad silly to individually post all of my MOCs here... and since I already have it established, I find it convenient for me to simply post a portfolio.

More (and more recent) MOCs to come soon.



I do love unloadable images.


Top-tier portfolio. I've yet to see quite a lot of these, so this is pretty fantastic.


Wow. That is amazing! Very cool, keep it up!

@Mesonak @Helryx08 Thank you both!

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Oh boy, you've found your way here! smiley

I've been here the whole time. Just couldn't make an account.

Where'd you get the Faxon?

Merciful Vice President on a Stick! These are some pretty awesome MoCs! I would hire you if I had money!

@Makuta_Verakion Uh... Bricklink? Don't recall exactly.
@BioRaiders532 Thank you. I don't do commissions, but I appreciate that.

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Every single one of your MOCs is amazing. I believe Sithril is my favorite. smile

So, where do you get all your pieces?

Gotta say, I do indeed like the REDBOSS, nicely done with all.

@Kretta @ToaOfUltimateDoom Thanks guys!
I get my pieces from sets, from Bricklink, and from vendors at conventions.

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Oh my these are genius, I especially love Calbus 01 and Vander preview. Jeez these are great mocs, every single one of them. And the photos are amazing as well, stunning, absolutely stunning. I'm so shocked right now. -Pyrox

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Thank you!
I notice that you referred to them by the photo names. Vander and Calbus have full image folders present on my stream. If you're interested in seeing more of those or other MOCs, they can be found on my flickr in the Albums (or Sets, depending on your layout) section.

You used the Vahi as a chest piece... passes out on the floor in shock

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It fit the gap nicely.

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