Chrova the Protector of Time

Far far away from the shores of Okoto, there is a small island with a temple built on it. That temple is the home of the Protector of Time. He lives in solitude so he can be in harmony with the universe. One day a pleading call echoed in his temple, the inhabitants of Okoto were in need of heroes to save them from a great menace. Soon he heard the village elders’ prayer and he used his powers to summon those great heroes the people of the island needed so desperately.

Since we are getting all these on the nose references about the Vahi (which honestly only the old fans get, new comers will have next to no clue what it’s supposed to be) I had this idea of a character guarding/being in control of the mask. Though since I don’t have an actual Vahi I had to settle with the adaptive Kakama Nuva.


If I had to say something:

Adaptive kakama looks. Good as an G2 Vahi


that gukko beak staff though.


I like the back story and the design of the set.

overall 9.5 out of 10

Bit big for a protector isn’t it, nah it’s still cool…


The color scheme is unique. Not exactly sure how I feel about it though. And by that I mean that I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad. I do feel like the feet are slightly too large and the legs and arms aren’t bulky enough. The lower arms especially need to be bulked up. I definitely don’t like the orange technic beams on the sides. It doesn’t flow with how the body leans whatsoever. The mask choice works excellently, and I like the staff and bottle-type thing. I don’t like the heart light. It’s a little too high

Overall, I really like this MOC. It definitely has some potential, as do you as a MOCcer. I look forward to seeing more from you.