Based off this thing:

For now i think it isn't turning out very good,plus i have no idea what to do for his legs.
help me pls



-That head is... weird.
-That head connection is bad.
-Why is he on a scooter
-Arms are not too well armored . Use shorter limbs.
-spoons for hands
-You are non-purist
-I don't like the colorscheme
-Cover back-legs

EDIT: I found the hands, nevermind

That's his crotch
I mean it's the pilot's seat

I've heard of crotch-rockets but this is rediculous...

I feel like you should ditch the system head and, seat,
and make this into something else.

at least you're reusing those hacked-up torso shells.



I fixed the arms and covered up the sides of the cockpit

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it's better only because he doesn't have spoon gauntlets

Thanks i guess

That is the worst cockpit placement ever. Not a flaw of your moc but just what it is based on.
I like the head but not that thing on his chin. I like the lower arm design.

Positioning it on the axle like that gives me a heart attack.
Still, the design is unique, the colors are decent, and the vehicle is innovative.

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K everyone,i made him legs and i think he's finished.

He'll have his non-WIP topic pretty soon,i guess.

He looks like a giant evil furno. Not bad thumbsup