Ciraou - The Unbroken

Ciraou is a character that has been around almost as long as Kardymis, but now he too is updated…

To avoid answering the question, YES, HE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE NOT LEGS…
Tell me what you think!


How come he doesn’t have legs?

The Bow has got to be my favorite part. I really want to try something like that when I have time to MOC. He looks like he could be an enemy from a great video game.

It’s all part of the story, he lost them in the war, so he built flight gear instead. He is basically death from above…

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Edited Title, cuz reasons ~Plurwaffle

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If I’m not mistaken, you just edited a capital letter into my title…

I like him, his color scheme reminds me of a Promethean from Halo.

Color scheme and crossbow are my favorite parts. The torso is another plus too.

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Thats what Not_Legomasters do.

Eh I like him especially the bow but I thnk that the bow is way too bulky for the character holding it.

What are not legs?

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Here comes the obligatory Leg Day comment… :laughing:

His not-legs could be better,but otherwise he’s neat.

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@Plural Since you are a master, where do I post a discussion about a MOC?

I… Don’t know. You’ll have to ask the Mods.

The next Logical idea is to make him Cybernetic legs then give him a wheelchair (A.M.P JOKE)

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This MOC is great especially the bow!