CirkitPurple's MOCs: TERRY THE TROLL + old things

Listen up y’all, cuz this is fluff
The MOCs that I’m showing are old and stuff.

So, first time poster of MOC stuffs here. Figured since I haven’t done anything particularly new or exciting in a while, I might share some of my older stuff with the world.

So… here we go.

First up, here’s Terry the Troll. I know, doesn’t really look like a typical troll. I wanted to build a custom, all CCBS head, and I did it around that long red arm bone part that the “Hero Factory” villain set ‘Nitroblast’ had only one of. You know the piece.
Worked wonders.

Terry eventually went on to become a character outside of the HF universe. He’s cool like that. I doodle him a lot.

Anyway, here’s some old pics of Terry!

Head was a pain to get right but it worked out eventually.

Oh, here’s another.
An old HF villain character I made just because.
He’s got a gun in his chest. Zamor Launcher thing.
I called him “The Red Fist” without really looking up to see if it was a thing because… he had a red fist and I didn’t have any cool ideas.

So here he is.





I truly wish i had taken better photos.

Finally, here’s my “Dark Matter” villain guy.
Made a whole backstory around him and everything.
HF related again, and all CCBS parts.

Dig that torso. Can’t figure out for the life of me how I did it but I think I utilized two standard Constraction torsos…

So, here’s the big guy.



And… yeah, that’s it.
I’m going to try and get back into MOCing again. I have had a few small things being constructed, one of which would act as my self-MOC (until I find a substantial amount of Keetorange) and others that are just…others.

So til then, enjoy these, and any feedback is greatly appreciated. :smile:

-Cirkit Purple


It’s hard to analyze but some are good from top build.

@square Thanks!

In retrospect I regret not taking many more photos. Especially of the builds.
Glad you like them though

Come here expecting some mocs that @prpldragon made…
These are pretty cool though

No one eve uses . Good job just for that.


Terry is an OK MoC, he looks a bit cluttered. The other two are just meh, nothing great, nothing bad.
Terry: 8/10
The Red Fist: 6/10
Dark Matter: 5/10

The first one I really like.
The other two are really weird.

Pretty decent stuff you have here.

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Terry has an endearing quality about him.

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These are pretty good

Great job, man!

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That first creation reminds me of transformers g1 blots troll thing monster mode. I like it

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The top guy’s head is pretty good. You should make a new MOC with that head.

You know, that seems like a good idea! Trouble is, I’m not sure where that red, “Nitroblast”-exclusive bone part went to… or what I’d even build stemming from the head.

I would want to devise a way to add on a little lantern, like one from an angler fish, as the character currently has that going on in my doodles… Hm. Perhaps I am over-thinking this.

I appreciate all the kind comments, means a great deal to me :relaxed:

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im trying to figure out how terry’s head is built… what did you do on the inside of the head?

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I finally have workable photos.
I couldn’t find the exact part in which was used as the base for the head. Odds are it’ll appear after I actually need it, so I found the next best thing. The same length bone, but with the hinge on the end. The parts still essentially connect the same.

So here’s the base bone, with the two blue 3-length axles placed in the two holes closest the hinge (which would have been the ball on the piece used). Everything else, as you can see, is built around the bone.

I also have a photo of the two big parts added on. Obviously not in the same color (black) they were before.

I sure hope this helps a lot better than before :slight_smile: