Ciryues: Toa of Psionics

heroic and loyal, Ciryues is not unlike a stereotypical knight, though these attributes often lead to recklessness.

Ciryues wears a Kanohi Hau in the shape of a Kaukau.

Ciryues’ feet are spiked for more damaging kicks.

Ciryues prefers to fight physically, however the smaller blade of Ciryues’ sword can be propelled using psionics.

P.S. I know the flag is bad.


It’s really interesting to see a strong, knight-like toa for an element like Psionics. Most psionics toa tend to be more manipulative and sneaky from whatI’ve generally seen. The cloak, the flag and the extra detail on the shield are great touches. I also really like the use of trans-dark-blue throughout the build.

Areas I’m not so fond of are the two very separate looking blades of her sword and the grey for that area on her front and her feet, which i don’t think really fits with the colour scheme you have there already. The spikes on her feet aren’t that convincing either since those pieces don’t really end in points - and they’d be highly impractical when walking or running around!

Definitely a really cool toa overall though!

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Very nice. I instantly get the feeling she’s a knight. I think you should change the flag, but you already know that. The feet could also be changed in both color and shaping. Otherwise this is a very good MOC.

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I love the use of G2 gali’s mask as shoulder armor, but how did you get it to connect?

That flag is an excellent touch! Really completes the MOC.

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G2 mask clips are 2l wide, sockets are also that width.

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Cool! Also thanks, I might have to try that someday.

Did you stick a Post-It onto a flag?

Jokes aside, this is pretty standard fare, no complaints.

Neat Toa you have here! Simple limbs, but the involved torso more than makes up for it. Besides, they don’t look out of place with the textures.

Have to say, though, I would have definitely preferred two paw pieces as shoulder armor as opposed to the Mask of Water on one of them.

personally I like the asymmetrical pauldrons, as they make sense from a design and combat perspectives, the paw holds the shoulder cape, and is on the defensive arm, while the lighter mask pauldron would(and indeed does) allow better movement for the sword arm.

Does everybody name their Psionics toa with a C name? I named mine “Cerranda” and you named yours “Ciryues.”

Great toa MOC by the way. Blows away my MOC…

It makes a lot of sense logically speaking, I’m just not sure the masks shape flows as well as the paws. I really have nothing against the asymmetry itself.

I in no way intended to come across as rude or overly critical, I was just giving a suggestion. Overall, I do really love this build. :slight_smile:

Nice! Psionics is one of my favorite elements.

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I really like the MOC overall but i would do something with that gray waist piece.

I love everything!

Although, the pins sticking out of the feet look a little out of place.

But that’s forgivable, I love the flag, the shield, the build, I love it all!

This MOC looks amazing!

Pretty nice. The head looks a tad awkward, and the grey does not look very nice on her, but I love the color scheme, it’s very sexy. Plus the shaping of the limbs and body are just so aesthetically appealing, not to mention the shield is cool. Some tires to fill in some thin bits would be nice too.