City of the Fallen Artwork Showcase

Well as the official (or not) artist for @Ekorak 's upcoming series, City of the Fallen, he asked me to showcase some of my artwork. It’s not really super detailed, it’s kind of it’s own style (or at least I don’t know what kind of style to call it =P) anyway, here it comes.

Rai, the Main character of the series. I think this was my first art for the series.

I’m not going to say much about this character except that this is not his official appearance, just some promotional artwork.

XD Rai X Natyra. This drives Ekorak insane but it is not a canon ship, just something I came up with =P

This is the first of the preliminary logo designs. Probably my least favorite of the three.

The second Logo design, my favorite of the three. You might be able to see the Easter egg on one of the letters of all three logo designs. Let me know if you are not Ekorak and you find it =P

The third prelim logo design. These designs may or may not be used.

That’s all for now, and if you want to drive Ek insane, spam him with Rai X Natyra, it works!


You are indeed the official artist, if you see fit to seem yourself as such =)

Dang.I need to get some more teaser ideas. I actually have people hyped for this thing and I can’t do anything with it until I get more voice actors, particularly female ones ._.

Maybe I should make some CotF fiction…

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Lol. Well you could write up some official history. Backstories for the main characters or whatever. That’s what I would work on.

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Good idea. I need a way to get content out while I wait for voice actors…so why not use silent content? =P

Exactly =P

Gasp you know what I just realized? I made Rai’s head red, it needs to be silver. I should go fix that…

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I just noticed that too. Took me a while to find his head in the background =P

OK fixed now. Nobody has to know what has transpired here =P

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Awesome! I like them