City of the Fallen Characters

So I decided to show off some of the characters I've built for my stopmotion series.

I've been busy
From left to right, Pyra, Rai, Natyra, Trak, Crylek, Clyzyk, and thatonepersonwhoihaven'tnamedyet.

Close up of Pyra. She's the only currently un-teamed character. She's a Magma mage who tends to use her power on anyone who makes fun of her height. She's an antagonist of the series although not aligned with the government. She's also Crylek's nemesis.

Close up of Team Cold Steel. I've already got an entire topic dedicated to Rai, so I'm not going to go into much detail with him. Natyra on the other hand has only been seen in a howto. She was an Exploration class cyborg before breaking her programming due to accidentally getting hit with a vial of Rai's blood, which contains DNA that is resistant to reprogramming. If needed, Natyra has weapon DNA that allows her to transform into a scythe.

Close up on the Sons of War. Neither of these have been seen completed before, so I'll talk a bit about them. Trak was part of a squadron of bounty hunters hired to take Rai out. Unfortunately for the person who hired them, Trak and his weapon partner, Crylek, are great in combat, but ended up befriending Team Cold Steel and joining the rebellion.

Close up on the Imperial Raiders. Not going to go into much detail with these guys other than the fact that these are antagonists. I'm still thinking of names for the black and white character, who is a female Tech Draon. Suggestions are welcome!

Oh and yes those things are as tall as they look. They can also be used to hold her up.

Well, those are all the characters I have complete! I've still got more to go though, so I'll be updated this topic as I make them.

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Moving to Creative Content

These MOCs are pretty good and the custom designs they use aren't that bad. My favorite is the Imperial Raider with the top hat. stuck_out_tongue

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Very cool! I still love those bodies.