City of the Fallen Teaser

A teaser I put together last night for my upcoming stopmotion series, City of the Fallen!

EDIT: Updated with Sound Effects now!


I see my characters don't speak.

Anyway, it's okay, but the pace seems to go on and off, from fast to slow. Also the house backgrounds can be somewhat distracting, and honestly, amateurish. Paper backgrounds would help a lot.

Well, this was not only a teaser, so no one spoke. Plus, those are Scrap Zombies, and they pretty much don't speak stuck_out_tongue You're voicing the military. The entire military.

Congrats mate.

As for the backgrounds, I'm not going to use just blank backgrounds. I will likely end up filming on more blank areas of my own house. I just used this background because I was also watching Men In Black II stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye I will also likely end up filming outside for some scenes.

Also, about the pace. If you check Brotherhood of Randomness, I'll explain.

Voicing? stuff? Explosions? M. Bay? Bayformers? ResidentEvilwithzombiessoobasicalyaTerminatorMovie? Omega Tahu? Bionicle 2015? I dunno... #Hype tho

stuck_out_tongue There will be voicing, don't worry. Hawkflight is actually voicing like, 10 different characters, and I'll be voicing Rai and anyone who doesn't get a voice actor.

10 different? Thats... alot. I know you can Emulate different voices, but its exosting (or some word, i forget. you get a point >.< ). I would join voiceacting, but my mic is broken, and my other one is just not working :L

Well.....they're all pretty much the same and will be run through a voice filter anyway to add a robotic effect. And I presume you are looking for Exhausting?

Yeah, i kinnda never use this word, so i forgot, About robotic filter... you mean stereotypical one or specialised one :?

Echo and Phaser filters.

kk. (jlfahfo <--- something to make this short message longer >.<)

Because 2 to go for the post stuck_out_tongue

haha! but no, its 3 characters as a post >:D

(1 to go for the post)

Fine... you win. Now buy meh Omega tahu >:3

I buy Omega Tahu for Omega Tahu. No one else!

K! You send first >:D

Exo-stinging is my specialty

okie! i dont get what you wanted to say! :3

Nice, but... How many Rodes do you have?!?

Five, I believe. I used to have six but I think I gave one to my friend.

Still not as many Rodes as I have Hunas stuck_out_tongue