Ckeckerbot Checker

Well, I finally have a schedule for the release of my MOCs, and here's my next one: Checker. Named so because of his function/use: he is a robot designed to scout (aka "check") out areas on a spaceship where humans can't survive for very long (such as the vacuum of space or highly radioactive fuel cells) to assess damage and maybe clean up a bit, before bigger, more specialized robots go and fix the problem. Also, his second name is from the checker pattern on his head.

This picture is for scale of the MOC. If this were real, then humans would be the size of the Inika build.


I thought he was good at Checkers


Creative use of the Metru heads. He seems monochrome and maybe a bit messy, but overall I like it. Nice work.

stay tuned for more creative uses of heads (next week), where I use Vahki heads as shoulders and Kaohi Hau for boobs (yes, seriously, I did that)

I wish he had more checkers on him

0/10 cannot play checkers

He's ok actually

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So, he's not good at checkers? also, I really like it. Except for the colors (or lack there of), he gives off a very '01 vibe.

Well, that sounds..... interesting.

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Fine, he's not good at checkers, but he's good at chess, though...

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here is the moc I talked about two weeks ago: