Clanik - The Scarred (Gilahu's BP Makuta revamps)

Name: Clanik
Kanohi: Lerkamoa, Great Mask of Poison
Assigned region: None
Status: Presumed Dead

Clanik was a master of Rahi creation, even among his own brethren. Where other Makuta’s designs frequently led to Rahi with all too obvious functions and abilities, such as well-armed predators and well-defended prey, Clanik liked to be more subtle. Tough hides he replaced with camouflage, poisonous properties with bright colours only suggesting the same.

His greatest achievement, however, were Rahi fusions – under exactly defined circumstances, some of his creations were able to merge with other members of their species to create larger, more powerful forms, to adapt to a different environment, or to simply heal one individual and prolong its life at the cost of the second’s.

It was even rumored that he worked on Rahi capable of self-replication given enough food-energy and time.

The right side of Clanik’s body was badly injured in an early experiment he conducted, leaving both metal and organics visibly charred and corroded. After enough healing to restore functionality and dampen the pain, Clanik decided he would bear what remained of these marks as a reminder, although many of his brethren mocked him for it. Clanik, however, considered it a worthwhile lesson to remember that even someone like a Makuta was not invincible.

One day, Clanik was sent out to capture or eliminate a Rahi experiment of his brother Uloki that had gotten out of control, escaped, and was threatening to enter inhabited lands. Having some familiarity with Uloki’s creations, Clanik recruited a small band of mercenaries as backup for this endeavor, preferring hardened professionals over stubbornly obedient Rahkshi.

It were these mercenaries who later returned with the tale that the Rahi vanished in an eruption of fire, taking with it a chunk of the terrain and Makuta Clanik, locked in a battle of wills with the creature. Neither was ever seen again.


Clanik wore the Kanohi Lerkamoa, Great Mask of Poison. Not being a warrior, he typically relayed on his Powers to deal with any trouble, though the sole exception was a Rhotuka launcher he frequently carried. His Rhotuka had the ability to absorb light and unleash it in powerful blasts.

After over a year of basically having this MOC sitting around, I finally acquired the missing parts I wanted to replace. And I decided I wanted to do some embroidery on his cape. Turned out pretty alright, I think. Regarding what the embroidery is supposed to depict - best come up with your own explanation. Planning ahead with such things is unfortunately not one of my strengths. I need to be in the process to really think about what works and what doesn’t.

Clanik takes his name and inspiration for the build and story from @Racie02’s Makuta entered into the Brotherhood Project… in 2015. Man, time flies. For a better overview, here’s the comparison of my revamp vs. the original:

Makuta Clanik

That’s it for Makuta revamp 24 (I think). Really need to get back into these, but I keep getting distracted. In part because of spontaneous ideas. In part because with almost every other MOC I tell myself that it doesn’t matter if I use some very useful but expensive parts in them because I plan to take them apart before long. The point with 100 Makuta of course is to have them all together.

But enough chatter. Feel free to give C&C, otherwise hope you enjoy!


Oooh that’s cool! The color scheme works really well and the build, especially the torso, is interesting. A wrist mounted Rhotuka launcher is great! The little cloak is a nice addition, and I like the head - it has a lot of personality, especially when looking at it from the front. Backstory is good and ties in nicely with the built character. I like it a lot!



Though the Rhotuka launcher is not wrist-mounted. It’s an actual launcher he is holding. :wink:


Who’s Bilahu?

The custom head is quite nice, and so is the classic purple scattered throughout the build. Don’t know how I feel about the crystal-like shapes on the custom cloth, though.


Looking good! The mask reminds me a little bit of the Mask of Incomprehension, mainly the black skeleton arms and the keys on the cheeks.
Now that Clanik’s finished, would I be right in saying that Jarnat’s next?


That was the intention. But I’m having Jarnat right in front of me right now and… I’m just really not happy with the proportions. He just doesn’t fit in with the rest. I’m honestly considering just keeping head, staff and feet and starting over, even if the results is not as close to the original.