I know some people here have watched it. I know quite a few would not watch Clannad due to this anime being a romance/drama and its art style being very moe. Despite me being skeptical of both these things, Clannad (including season 2: Clannad After Story), is now my second favorite anime. I was surprised at how well done it was, it just continued to get better and better as it went on. Its emotional impact was so strong on me it's honestly pretty scary. So what did you guys think of it?


Well I guess since this is your second favorite anime, you would recommend it.

I definitely would, but I would approach the show carefully. Not only should you ignore people who say it's just another one of those slice of life/moe crap shows, you should also not assume this show is nothing but depression, which is what some of the fans make it seem like. Yes, there is some sad and emotional moments, but sadness and depression is not the main point, it's a lot more than that. Some people are caught off guard by how comical the show actually is. Funny thing is, it was the humor that originally got me to like this show in the first place.


Alright I will have to get around to watching it then.

I actually believe my older brother watch this. He also recommended it.

I think I'll get around to watching this. However. I had everything spoiled for me ages before you watched it. I kind of wanted to ruin the ending for you. I'm sure your reaction would have been hilarious.

I wonder If you can start a Code Geass sucks topic