Clash of Clans Recruits

Only come on if you need a clan. Tell in-game username and town hall level. if you want to join go to the gods of war clan. cough cough Pink Fluffy Bionicle cough cough hiccup

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I guess? I am if-y on clash of clans.

I don't play clash of clans often anymore.

will you join my clan @squeaverking

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He said:

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Yeah shut it.

try to be a little more courteous please


He bullied me!

Sorry, I forgot my Facebook. And then that Facebook was just to watch Kyoryuger.

in game username please

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SqueaverKeep, I believe.

thanks a lot @squeaverking my clan is gods of war. I'm MrBB if that helps.We must Chat-Talk

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