Clear Hau Mask at NYCC (Cool but...)

As some of you may have heard, there was a Kanohi Hau (or that’s what I’m calling it right now) in clear plastic at NYCC. Now I get the point of giving out something unique to the line, as most companies do this at conventions, but… why? To my understanding, is the Kanohi Masks only usable to the new style heads which I love by the way, or is this hinting that you can clip this to, lets say, a hand or something?

If it can only clip to the heads, I would’ve rather seen the Skull Spider, not only does it seem to work as a Kanohi, but it’s something people can play with and use till Bionicle 2015 comes to light.

What are your thoughts? (Either way I want that mask, curse my ‘can’t go to comic con’… thing.)


It’s just a Comic Con exclusive, it serves no point other than to be a cool thing to to the people that showed up.

Also it’s the first BIONICLE 2015 piece released, exclusively, 3 months ahead of time


True, however, I think it would benefit with the Spider more, as it brings the best of Kanohi, and something for kids.

I’m not saying, GRRR, THIS BAD! As I do see the collective value, and that it’s just a trinket for the time being.

Again, my reaction remains the same.


If you go on Ebay, you will find listings for it going for well over $100, highest currently $500. Comic-con exclusives…

Alternatively, RT on twitter for a chance to win.


(Facepalm) I know, I’m just saying why not a Clear Spider, the Hau I’m fine with, but I don’t know.

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Who knows?

It’s only the first day of NYCC, so maybe we’ll see an exclusive spider in the coming days. :smiley:


True dat.

Thursday was the only big BIONICLE day. The only exclusive is the clear Hau, and all the news we’ll hear for awhile was on Thursday.



I hope he makes a comeback.

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It is very cool. I wish I had it.

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It’s cool and I already buying one on ebay for $33 (should have waited for it to get lower because it use to be $100 or so) but one think is… Why Clear, I mean they can use many different color like silver, copper, black, yellow (jaller) or PURPLE.