CliffHorse Crew: The MoCs

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I am first yey

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Is the cape the only one or is there an other one?

beautiful and stunnin-

wait no shades?




MOCs were good until the miru came along- 7/23

JK, me likes

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They are all so wonderful!!! Except for the one where the mask is pointed up instead of forwards, that’s a big pet peeve of mine. And the green square on the neck of the one with Nuju’s Metro mask is, questionable. Other than that I’d say that most of these are of extremely high quality, as in I would pay $20 real world money If I saw some of these in stores.


is his head…


*Harsh critique mode ACTIVATE!

Looks pretty good. Not a huge fan of the white though.

Lower legs look a bit flat. Colour distribution (mainly the silver on the torso) could use some work.

This sure is simple. Um… how about flipping around the upper leg armour? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not too bad. But the silver/gunmetal doesn’t look too good.

Blue pins… :cry:

Love the armour flow. The cape could be a bit wider IMO.

REALLY not a fan of the Inika feet as shin armour.

Lower legs are iffy. I like the spear. Do you have any of those feet in plain black/silver?

I’m guessing you don’t have any more orange/burnt orange, eh?

I like this guy. Is there any way you can cover up the upper legs so that the light bley doesn’t stick out as much?

How about switching out the feet for black/silver ones?

Love those shoulders.

Trans light blue and silver don’t work very well with the white and gunmetal IMO. The black Mask of Shadows clashes as well.

So… I hope I didn’t crush your MOCing dreams Rise. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh goodness the critiques they crushed my soul! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

These are the exact critiques I’m lookin’ for. Thanks LM.

I’m getting some CCBS in the mail soon to replace it

I guess

[quote=“legomaster1378, post:9, topic:7749”]
Blue pins…

[quote=“legomaster1378, post:9, topic:7749”]
Do you have any of those feet in plain black/silver?
[/quote]No sadly

[quote=“legomaster1378, post:9, topic:7749”]
I’m guessing you don’t have any more orange/burnt orange, eh?
[/quote]Oh yea, beef needs work


These are all cool, but my favorite is scarilian.

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You wouldn’t happen to have any of those pins in black/old light grey, eh? Heck, even tan would work better with Slime’s colours. :smiley:

:ok_hand: I strongly approve and support this :ok_hand:

Way to go Rise.


Too many MOCs to critique, not enough time?

Initiate Sarcastic one-liner mode.

Pot8o: SelfMOC of everyone’s favorite potato, who has little to no connection to a real potato, instead being a mass of greens with unbalanced white pieces.

OculusNuva, resident representataive of the “large and clunky” variety of the CliffHorse Crew, taking to battle with weird TECHNIC shins and gappy upper arms!

Scarilian: “Is this what you would think of when I mentioned Scarilian?” “No, still a pretty good MOC though.”

Jason: 0/10 needs to nuke the world.

Political_Slime: Introducing, the Callan Lord of Fire overbuilt selfMOC of the TTV message boards. Now with WHITE CHEST AND BROWN SHOES!

Nyran: "I don’t have a Mystic Mod Shield. What I do have… is these weird gear things on my arms!

ToUD: Counterpart to Oculus, not super big, just plain awkward. (Fix those legs man)

Dykab: See above.

BeefJStag: Only thing that sucks is the color scheme.

BioRaiders532: “When I was a lad, I was eaten by a Gadunka! That’s why I have these useless hunks a’ black TECHNIC in me!” And me color-breakin’ grey pieces, too!"

Vuhii: Decent MOC, awkward armor. Moving on.

MaximumWarp: See Scarilian.

Garnira: “Chicks, check out my color scheme breaking but still sexy arms”


Do I exist? Dunno.

I look kind of like I was bitten by shadow leeches. :3


On the bright side, it doesn’t look like you skipped leg day.

Heck yeah! Although a “wing day” might be in order.


Nice MOCs!

But alas, as you may all be united in one group, I, Toa Of Shadows, will stand alone… Forever…

Walks into the darkness

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XP Such bluntness :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh sweet, the pictures load now!

I like em. Nisgi uses that leg well, too XD

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I’ve seen a few of these already, but I once again say that they are fantastic

u wot m8

thats me head