Clocks in Bionicle

I realized the other day that, even though the only time keeping devices ever mentioned in the story are sun dials. However, given the level of technology in both the MU and on Spherus Magna, it would seem odd for no one to have invented clocks, be they analog or digital. The main reason I bring this up is that they specifically refer to the inner-workings of Vahki as _clock_work brains.So, were there analog or digital clocks anywhere in the Bionicle universe?

Just want to point out that there is no actual question in your post. I assume your question is just “do clocks, analog or digital, exist in the MU and/or on Spherus Magna?”

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You’re correct- I edited the post accordingly.

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They problaby have upgraded sundials in metru nui it’s just one of those unimportant details or As the movie rubber puts it; “no reason.”

I would think They probably do but nobody pays attention to them because they’re to busy doing work.