COD Nazi Zombies Discussion Topic!

Who loves the COD zombie's mode? If all I hear is crickets...then, well that's kinda awkward :/. Anyway, If you do, then this topic is for you! Talk about anything Nazi Zombies, with this topic, today, this minute, this second, this.....or, post tomorrow....anyway, post away my fellow BioFans!


My OC from Halo: OH GOD IT'S THE FLOOD!!!
Zombie walks up and bites his shoulder, but it does nothing.
OC: ??? In that case, prepare for death! Again!
Spartan takes out guns n' stuff and shoots zambeesh

Ummmm.....not a Halo topic :/



He's killing the Nazi Zombies

Dude......points to door just leave....

Send me out... With a bang (halo reference for the lolz)


Seriously though, I never really liked CoD.

I was left with a bitter taste from the origins ending. I hope activision continues the zombie game mode because that's all I want to play

I've never played a game of Zombies. The most recent CoD game I've played is the first modern warfare.

CoD Zombies is my favorite FPS game.

So much so, that I made 2 Lego stop motions of it. (If you want to learn more about that shoot me a PM)

I really liked the plot making ridiculous dives in directions. And, I can't wait for more to be made.

I believe that Treyarc's next CoD is in 2015.

I have played other CoD's, but Treyarc's my favorite.

They've got what I like:
- Suspense
- Music
- Shine
- Animation (somewhat)
- Character development

I was pretty up to date on the story, up until Origins.

That was a huge bombshell, and I Loved it! Made me rethink the whole story. Makes me want more! Hype! Hype! Hype! smiley


Yeah, I actually LIKED the origins ending too

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Favorite Zombies Map anyone?

Mine's Buried.

It's an easy map to get around in. smile

But my favorite map is a challenge would either be Verückt or Origins or Mob of the dead.

Kino or Shangra la (however you spell it) is mine.

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Treyarch makes the Call of Duty Zombies mode, not Activision.

Thanks for correcting me.

So yeah.

The story got a ton more complicated here in Black Ops 3... I don't even know what's going on at this point

I’m just going to revive this thank God for quick revive! to say that I can’t wait for zombie chronicles.