"Code Red" Furno XL

Let’s not beat around the bush. I like Hero Factory. No, I mean I REALLY like Hero Factory. Ever since I saw the original leaks, I was mesmerized. I found someone who also loved HF, and, together, we made a story that got progressively darker, and STILL isn’t over! So, recently, I decided to make one of my personal favorite sets, Furno XL, who I commonly played with, into something even more. Something I could work into my story and add awesome things onto. If you’d like to read that, go to my post, Hero Factory Archives. You’ll know when it shows up, trust me! Now, I present to you, “Code Red” William Furno!

Front view

Wings open (flight mode)

What? You don’t like all that saucy goodness? (TTV joke :stuck_out_tongue:) fine! It folds up!

Back view


AND WEAPON STORAGE?!? WOW!!! :smile: (with slight modification)

The Sword of Legend

More cinematic picture

I wrote an entire poem about the sword! Talk about investment…

Beware, as you must be told
To use the sword of gold
Pure of heart is what you must be
If another day is what you wish to see
Undo the evil that’s been done
Battle the enemy, see them run
But if a thief is what you are
It will make sure you don’t get far
The sword has powers beyond imagination
It must not be used in frustration
If you’re pure of heart, you will succeed
Unlike if you’re full of greed
If your heart blazes with fire
With the sword, you shall do what you so desire.

What do you guys think? Do you like this MOC? Do you hate it? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below! Hey, look! Another rhyme! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! XD


I don’t know which is better:
The MOC, or the poem. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good MOC and Poem. Great job.

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IMO the gold doesn’t really work too well I dunno if those blade pieces come in silver (if they don’t I understand why the gold is there) but I think another color would work better.

other than that I think he looks cool. this definitly seems like a furno that would be used in desparation. the wing jets shoulders and sword are my favorite parts :grinning:

Thanks! And, as far as I know, those pieces don’t come in silver. I was also going for an ancient legendary sword vibe! :smile:

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Seems pretty neat! wait…




HF is coming back in 2018 with all this fan suport

Heck yah!

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Kay, this MOC is amazing, I really disliked how not-XL the set was, and you improved upon it marvelously. That poem though, that’s amazing. Good job! :smile:

@The_Owl “Yoda Approve Does”? It would be “Approve Yoda Does”.


Yeah, Yoda is not THAT insane.


Hey, look at that! A MOC that manages to make the awful Furno XL mask look halfway decent!

I would’ve been so much happier buying this. Sword and poem are awesome, and I love that he actually looks XL, rather than just a really tall hero. Nice work!

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looks Great.

I particularly like the wings.
I enjoyed the poem.


That’s a really nice “revamp” to the original set. I really enjoy this MOC. It’s really nice! I like the color scheme, and the uniqueness. The wings are pretty creative as well. :smiley:

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Thank you all! :smile: (I’m to lazy to put names… XD)

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And it’s all true because it rhymes.

This is a pretty cool MOC, and a nice poem for the sword.

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Wow, just wow! XD

Lego Movie references!!!

0/10 iz HF


This is a pretty creative MOC!

The colour scheme and the build are really nice!

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I got to admit this looks great.
Nice poem.

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