For those people who are hopefully out there that like Coldplay. What is your favorite song by them, favorite album? My personal favorite song is "O + Hidden Tracks" and my favorite album is Ghost Stories.


Clocks is my favorite track from them.

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I love their song Viva la Vida.

People probably think I'm too mainstream. I probably am.

But I liked it since I first heard it in 2011. :confused:


I loved Viva la Vida man. I also kind of like paradise. Other then those two songs, I haven't really tuned into any other song by them.

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Viva La Vida is the only good thing i heard from them.

Last 2 albums were really bad

I like viva la vida spanish title for an english song, weird, just like piña colada and I also like paradise

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The only good part of this Bowl's halftime show.


Man can't believe i forgot about viva la vida (must have thought it was one republic)

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army of one, there is a fantastic organ in it!!

There's so many people that started listening to them with Viva La Vida.

I've listened to them since they started,

Prospekt's March is one of my personal favorite albums of theirs


I LOVE Coldplay! I really like a lot of their songs, album-wise I think Mylo Xylito is underrated, there are some great tracks in that. Ghost Stories was great too. The list goes on and on :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking about seeing them live on their tour this year, but woah, the tickets are soooo expensive! They're almost double the price compared to other artists.


Clocks is my favorite song; Viva la Vida is my favorite album.

I kinda count it with Viva la Vida. :stuck_out_tongue: "Glass of Water" is nearly tied w/ Clocks for favorite song.