Collection of BIONCLE Magic the Gathering Card Fakes Yeah

Alrighty guys, so last night in a skype call, I decided it would be a really great idea to make fake Magic the Gathering cards. (If you don’t know what these are, just think Yu-ghi-oh, but with like, mythical creatures, and minus the anime/manga) Now, I’m going to be making a lot of these (Last count was somewhere in the 300’s?) so I wanted to create a topic separate form this underused MTG topic. Anyway, I have done the first twelve of them, they are the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva. I will be doing a lot of stuff, from Flawed Mask Artifacts to Great Beings Planeswalkers.

This is actually a project I have a heavy interest in, so hopefully all goes well.

Here is the first batch:


If only these existed…

I’d totally be impressed if I actually knew how this game works.



Man, I don’t know how the game works either, I was forced into it by my friends. But I thought this would be awesome, so I’ll be making these… yup


Forced into it by your friends you say?

Don’t get me started on Pokemon… :cry: I know too much for a person who isn’t a fan of Pokemans

Anyways, there should be holographic cards, but the masks are gold.