SO I mostly wanted to know where most of you are off too.
This is for advice to give to others from those who have already gone too. TO excite or warn us...
I'm planning to be an animator and make my own stuff. I also want to go to Art Institute in Virginia Beach.
What about you?

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I'm headed off to Liberty University to Become a Video game Software coder.


OH NICE. How much is that?

I'm going off to college (preferring not to give away my location) in the fall (or winter, depending on how things go) for a degree in cyber defense.


I dread this more than death.


I plan to die in college.
Id eat too much ramen

"Here lies Gyro"

[fancy squiggly line]

He died as he lived, full of salt.


My brother @ToaKylerak is a college student... He seems to have more fun than me. frowning

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Not gonna say where I go to school, but

One of my IRL pals goes to Liberty!

Can confirm, college is easier and more fun than high school. :smiley:

Really, don't. See above.

Apart from that...I'd advise thinking long and hard before heading to a school that's more than ~100 miles away. Not everyone is ready to be totally on his own at age 18. Also, try to take your gen ed and elective courses early, to explore different majors. Most people really aren't ready to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives...well, ever, but especially not as a teenager. :stuck_out_tongue:


Note to self: figure out where you're going to college and get there.

Seriously, though, College is not "easy". It might be fun, in some instances, but not mine. But college is definitely hard.

like me.


I hopefully plan on going to University of Southern California for their Video Game Design courses.

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Best of luck to that

Except that we are pretty much forced to know what we want to do with our lives at that stage, leading to some catastrophic decisions....

At first I wanted to be a media illustrator of some kind, but my parents rejected that since there would be little to no jobs to be found. I'm pretty much mediocre/bad at everything except art and I have no idea where i'm going even though i'm finishing grade 11 as of's all downhill from here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess I shouldn't have made such a broad statement. It's easy for me and most of my friends, but I guess our high school was a bit harder than normal. It also probably depends what kind of degree you're studying for.

That's too bad, man. :frowning: My advice would be to minor in something that'll make money, but major in something you actually like, or vice versa. That way you (hopefully) don't have to worry about getting a job, but can also pursue what you want if the opportunity presents itself.

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I'm studying film at a community college currently, then I plan to get my bachelors degree at a 4 year college.

And film school is loads of fun, we get to watch films in class, we also get to write about film. But it's also lots of hard work, some projects can take months to complete and hours upon hours to edit.


U of U all the way, buddy. Got a college tour and actually fell in love with the place. Plus, they let you bike around the campus, and cycling is life.

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