Colta scavenger for hireNo

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BIO colta a moc I been working on for the past two years of endless rebuilds .At last has been completed.
Story for him is that he is scavenger for hire would go around ancient cities to seek rare obscure artifacts bring back to the person that hired him.
If a mission gets tuff he would use his wrist blaster to defend of against losing his prize. If challenger wants a fair sword fight. The edge blade will make the battle short.

This moc contains three special parts , the tangerine flintsmith mask, two articulr hands with the case that came included to protect the hands during ship ment, used as a bag to hold items.such has stitch.
Please note I am writing this bio on mobile version of ttv website it very laggy to write.


I would add something under the arm pits to make it look more realistic, but other than that this is really cool! I love the colorscheme and the build of the moc

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This is pretty good, but it needs more orange and less silver.

Not bad, I think he could use more burnt orange. Other than that, this is solid.

Did he scavenge stitch?

Seems a bit busy but I like the jist of it.

oh hey i saw this on instagram

Its a pretty noice moc.

is there a reason Colta is standing next to someone who looks like Kulta? Kulta is actually undead Colta

That it is. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nifty dude, where’d you get the mask from?