Combat Mech

This was my attempt at making a mech. It was inspired by titanfall, and Zane’s mech from Titan Mech Battle. I’ll admit, the torso was mostly built using instructions from the aforementioned set. So sue me.:stuck_out_tongue: Oh yeah, sorry for the bad lighting, my power’s out.



Oh there they are…

Sorry, I accidentally clicked upload before I put them in. Oops!
Edit: Aaaaand the back shot is first. I hate doing this from my phone.


Yeah, looks good, I like the merging of ccbs and system, it’s done well.


I’d use more system on the limbs (or ccbs on the torso). It clashes too much going from boxy system to the smooth ccbs. Also the torso is a bit too boxy for my tastes but I like the general design and color of it.

Good job, the textures flow nicely and the design is great.

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