Combiner: Pohatu

Requested by @Sammythekat. Nokama + Krekka.

This was really fun to do. If you have a request, check the topic above.

If you have already made a request, you can make another one. (Check topic for details)

@Sammythekat, since you requested this; what do you want to name them?

And, of course, let me know what you think.


Changed Catergory

Basicly overpowered nokamea

The weapons are pretty dope…


Those are some nice words you got there.

Now me, personally, I make mine into sentences.


I thought there was a gap in her neck before I noticed it was just a white piece.

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What about Whenua+Rorzakh+Oohnorak? That’d be neat!

If you want to request stuff, you can do so in the topic linked above. I only have some sets, and I’m not yet deconstructing these combiners, so your options may be a bit limited.

Update: This MOC needs a name! any names will do.


Because propeller arm…

Confusing as that is, that’ll do.

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