Comic-accurate Baterra.

EDIT 3/9/2022:

Model update:

• Fixed some wrongly positioned armor on the left leg in the posed picture (which was the result of an oversight in the mirroring process)
• Added back armor (which I forgot to include the first time around)
• Made the claws blue (the pearl light gray color on them was inaccurate)
• Made both the gray on the armor and the blue on the body lighter overall (more accurate)

Comic-accurate Baterra: The Definitive Edition.



Very cool! I like that leg design!

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This looks pretty good and accurate, nice job.

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Interesting modell. When I design my own recreation of this model, I never thought of such a lower leg design. It gives an accurate look to the comics, but it feels a little bit skeletal and overcomplicated for an official set of this size. I think the comics drawer doesn’t have proper reference to draw the legs with accurate lego design, so he mades what he could to hide the lower leg under the spike armor. Personnally, I used a Vahki lower leg and connected the spike ball with a T-shape liftarm.


Thank you! I think you’re right as far as the comic artist is concerned, it made the lower legs and shoulder pads a bit troublesome to design.

I personally don’t think the former are too overcomplicated for an official set its size, seeing as how we’ve seen custom builds for certain body parts in various releases (Kiina’s torso for example). As for them looking somewhat skeletal, as you mentionned, I tried to be as accurate to the comic as possible, and the way the upper legs and feet looked in there made it so that the lower legs were required to have a ball joint on one end and a socket on the other, which, to my memory, is a shape no G1 forearm/lower leg piece has. As such, I did what I could with what I had.

Once again, thank you for the compliments and feedback.

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nice and accurate builds! i never noticed that the torso was an agori body piece


Thanks! Yeah, in the comic, it’s a strange fusion of an Agori torso and an Inika lower body (who knows, it probably would’ve been a new piece), which I did my best to replicate using a custom piece by Galva.