Comic-con year 4 / The end of Bonkles

Eljay finally got to go to comic con. He saw lots of new sets and reported on them. Lego was releasing a great wave of 12 sets. six police cops and six old guys. most people were speculating that this was the new gen two metru toa and vahki but Eljay knew better using his amazing detective skills. Eljay was able to get extra story information out of the new story team by water boarding them.
"THE OLD PEOPLE ARE THE BAD GUYS THE OLD PEOPLE ARE THE BAD GUYS"! The story director screamed as hope of getting out of this mess. Eljay reported on the news and left. Eljay completely forgot about the story team. They slowly died from sleep deprivation. Needless to say this was going to be the last wave.
Eljay got back to the hotel after avoiding a few trains. When he got there he ordered a 20$ bottle of wine. "Man i'm really breaking budget" Eljay thought. Eljay knew he deserved it though. I mean HE DID end gen 2 Bionicle. While Eljay was getting crazy drunk Meso walked in. He had a large blue pin and threw it at Eljay's head, Knocking him out instantly.
When Eljay woke up he was in nothing but his Blue pin colored underwear."Mesoooooooo" Eljay screamed. Meso was laying on Eljay's bed. Meso got off the bed and walked over to the chained up Eljay. "Oh so your finally up cupcake" meso said. Eljay screamed " IF YOU DON'T UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW I'M GOING TO TEAR OUT YOUR SKULL OF A FACE AND EAT IT". Meso laughed a pulled out a jar of syrup pored it on Eljay, had a sip of Eljay's 20 dollar wine and went to bed. Eljay was now laying in his underwear covered in syrup. "First Bionicle ends then this" Eljay said. Venom walked in the room saw Eljay and left.
The next day meso untied Eljay. Eljay didn't want to go though this was his new favorite spot. Meso was ok with this and went back to the ttv headquarters (stationed under a legoland park). The team announced that Eljay wasn't going to return. The ttv podcast was getting more views then ever, more subscribers then ever. The amount of positive feedback was staggering. Everyone was happy that Eljay was gone. TTV eventually took over the world buying out apple and lego. TTV became Applego. THEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEENDDDDDDDDDDDD




truly the next great author of our time


Give this man a chewed piece of gum! Brilliant!

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this sounds like pot8o 6 months ago

...time travel confirmed?


I'd be more inclined to say cloning personally.


I hate pot8o from six months ago!