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In a Time... before Time, the Great Beings created the Great Spirit Mata-Nui, and sent him off to learn and explore to one day return, and heal their shattered homeland.

And heal it he did.

And so were the followers of the Great Spirit brought on to live in peace and harmony with the natives of the land of Spherus Magna. However, this peace did not last. Some argue that it never even started. What had started, however, was the tale of the past, and an exploration into the powers that be.

This is not that story. This is the story of the Toa Nyran. His journey began when the Journey of most ended. The fall of the great evil, the fall of Teridax lead to an accident that would change his life forever. Stumbling through the Archives of the glorious city of Metru-Nui, the fall of a single archived Toa Stone led to the birth of a new hero.

The tale of a Team of Toa was to begin here on Spherus Magna, facing an Evil Reborn!

Nyran, of the Shadows. Years long past, a mysterious being had seen the rise of the Makuta, beings born of natural, elemental shadow, fall to inner, fundamental shadow. This being had the desire to see if a being of Elemental Shadow could exist without giving in, or being even affected by Fundamental Shadow. So far, this experiment has been a success, Nyran knowing not of his shadowy powers for the longest time, until the day he became Toa. He knew what was assumed of Shadow Beings, and so he lives and travels with his team, hiding, pretending that he has yet to master his Elemental Power, claiming to be of the Earth, as he has long believed. He wears the Great Kakama, and it serves him well.

Jalis, of the Fire. On an island in the Realm of the Great Spirit, between Nynrah, and Odina, there was a small village of various Matoran. They lived in constant fear of the Dark Hunters, who would often stop to rest on trips to Nynrah, destroying what they pleased, and killing without consequence. One Matoran decided to stand up to the Hunters, and was met with failure. He kept his life, however, and through his travels to become stronger, he has reached his goal of gaining the strength to defeat any Hunter outside the Shadowed One himself! Before he could do anything, though, before he returned to his island, he was upon the land of Spherus Magna, and in the company of other Toa. Despite his poor luck, and attraction to misfortune, he treks on, fighting for what is right. He wears a modified Great Hau, as worn to remind him of the great symbol of the Legendary Toa Tahu.

Azard, of the Plasma. A Toa older than most, speculated to be the 25th of all Toa made in the Realm of the Great Spirit. He has seen many things, done many acts, but the experiences have not left him broken, brooding, or scarred. Nay, it has left him knowing that the world needs heroes, and the image of one giving up to become a Turaga out of age is an act he'd prefer to never see applied to himself. He traveled the world, righting wrongs, making friends, allies, and enemies alike. He wears the Noble Kakama, as a symbol of his experience. Aged, weaker, but still Swift and powerful.

Solinari, of the Light. In the Realm of the Great Spirit, there was but one Toa of Light. For the longest time. However, when the Av-Matoran of the Skies of Karda-Nui fled from the land's viscous storms, one found her way to a piece of the Southern Continent, separated from her friends. There she discovered a shrine dedicated to a Hero long past. There was a statue, a tablet, inscribed with the hero's tale, and a Toa Stone. Moved and inspired by the Hero's story, she took the Stone, and found herself transformed, taller and stronger, ready to fight any who would commit acts of evil, and honor the Hero of the Tablet. She wears the Great Kiril, restoring that which was corrupted or ruined.

Baronon, of the Water. The mutagen of the Pit has done many things to many life forms. It has restored their bodies to states they had before a change. It has turned Matoran to monster. It has given new life to things of another life. It has also bestowed new powers on a being, ridding them of their old forms. Such is the case of one Onu Matoran. When Mahri and Voya Nui split off from the continent, the mutagenic waters of the pit managed to seep into the caves below the continent. This water nearly drowned the Onu Matoran Baronon. However, it changed him, granting him a better familiarity with the water than any of his brethren. It changed him into a Ga Matoran. While he was still male, and his mind unaltered, his body was changed forever blue. When he met the Wandering Azard, he took him in, and made him a Toa as well. He trained the outcast to control his anger, a condition brought on by the ridicule from his peers, and the trauma of the flood. He wears the Noble Ruru, after destroying he great one out of frustration. It was all he could find. It reminds him of days long past.

Nerai, of the Lightning. Nerai was living in the Southern Islands. A dangerous land, where the rahi were more fearsome than up north, and the heroes scarcer. Her life was worse than that of Jalis, for where Jalis had his village, Nerai was often alone, living in fear, hiding from whatever beast had found her last camp. Until one day, where she was saved from certain doom by a Toa named Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus fended off the Rahi for a while, but was mortally wounded. In what he believed was his last breath, he infused new power into the young Matoran. She became stronger, honoring the last wish of Zacchaeus. When she found her way to Spherus Magna, she identified well with the Toa Solinari. She met other characters very soon as well. She wears the Great Akaku, that which lets her see ahead farther than most, without ever needing to look back.

And so it was that under the leadership of Toa Nerai, that a new team was formed. Fire, Water, Plasma, Lightning, Light, and Shadow. Their team has no name, for the issue of a name was never thought of by any of the Toa. They simply were.

However, what is a team of Heroes with no evil to stop? Through yet unknown means, Antidermis was found on the last parts of desert on Spherus Magna. Five Makuta have somehow been seen, despite their destruction at the hands of the legendary Teridax. None know where they come from, and many heroes know not that they exist. The desert sands hide many things.

Viradox- The Leader. Viradox established dominance, and used to his advantage the weakened state of the Skrall, Bone Hunters, and the Skakdi. He has united all three as his new force of Crusaders, the driving force of the New Brotherhood. He wears the Great Avsa, almost personifying his hunger for power.

Razira- The Dragon. All great leaders need a right hand. Razira is Viradox's. He flies on wings of black and red, seeing all that needs be seen, and with his Scythe, doing all that needs be done. He is loyal, and fierce, fast and agile, as well as tactical, knowing full well the full range of all his Kraata powers. He wears the Great Ruru, blinding all that stand in his way with its vision powers, and destroying all he needs to.

Blacklight- The Muscle. He stands at the height of a giant Fenrakk Spider rearing on its hind legs, and just as strong, and stupid. He follows Viradox, despite being a King of Strength. He knows not of what to do if he were on his own, and looks to Viradox for all manners of Instruction and purpose. He wears the Noble Shelek, echoing the silence in his very head.

Thenrus- The Unsound. Thenrus is not right. He wears no Kanohi, for he needs one not. One of his eyes is but a glass case looking like an eye where Antidermis floats around inside, swilring fiercer with his activity. He is strong and able to fly, loyal to Viradox, but not constant, and cannot be depended upon to do anything but destroy when needed, sometimes when not needed.

Nevuruk- The Silent. Nevuruk speaks only when needed, and prefers to let his arms do the talking. All four of them. He is the ace among the Makuta, easily the most efficient at combat, and not even needing his Kraata powers most of the time. His four swords serve him well. He wears the Great Rode, meaning that while he speaks nothing, all others speak the truth.

It is up to this new Team of Toa to learn how these Makuta came to be, and stop this Rise of Terror

So yeah, this is just like, a story teaser for this big epic story I wanna do, Rise of Terror, but it may take a while to come out. RoT may take a long time, or maybe just a few months, I dunno. I just wanna tell a bit about the main characters, heroes and villains. So yeah, tell me what you think, or any questions you have about the story. I'd love to talk about my plans and my own personal Chronicle.


Awesome. I still don't see why Nyran has the one horn. that may be explained later, but it still bugs me. At the very least can you tell me that it will be explained.

Ah right, the Horn.

Okay, that has a whole backstory of its own. Basically, during RoT itself, Nyran will not start off with that horn. It will come in the story itself. I will say at least that it stems from his body being tampered with. To ease the weirdness of it, I will post pictures of Hornless Nyran in the MOC section. :]

Alright, thanks for the explanation. I appreciate it.

Very interesting plot.
This is gonna fun smile

This sounds like a good set-up; a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits evil Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. It'll be interesting to see the 'intra-team' dynamics in both cases. I have to ask, did you intentionally borrow the name Jalis from Deltora?

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I decided the name of a Warrior People fit that which Jalis sees himself as: a Proud and Powerful warrior.

So yeah, I did.

But thanks for the comment. I've been kinda swamped so work is slow, but it does happen.

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Ha! I get to say "I knew it!" for the second time today! :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, your reasoning makes sense, and it's cool to see an allusion to Deltora.

I know that feel, bro. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The language. Can be a bit. Strange, but otherwise I'm liking this. I like how you managed to keep all of this within canon.

And yes, I know this topic has been dead for the longest time, but I just found it so...


Look man, in terms of the whole "Brainstorm, write, revise" thing, I kinda don't do that last one ever. >.>