Commander Sharks

Hi guys! It’s been a while since i last posted something here, so why don’t we make it right?

Meet Spec Ops Commander Hammer Sharks! As you have probably guessed, he is a hammerhead shark that can actually walk and eliminate assigned targets with his harpoon rifle. His special swimsuit with a life support system allows him to stay outside water for hours. Don’t let his smile charm you cause it will be the last thing you see before you die!

click on the pic to see the full gallery

So that you don’t have to guess, the head piece is from Galidor. I hope you’ll enjoy the moc!


Wow this looks amazing, really nice job

It also reminds me of Captain Gantu from Lilo & Stitch


Oh, it looks grea-
… hang on a minute, those hips look familiar…
Ahem, anyway, it looks great, except for the janky gappy tail.


He looks more goofy than menacing :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic MOC, there’s so much great piece usage in this.

This is pretty amazing, I mean come on.

oh my god this is amazing

Really good moc, pretty weird though.

1st off, Awesome Moc I LOVE this!

How has NO ONE made a Street Sharks Reference yet!!??

Asriel, Payinku, Rockho, MrCod, ThatchMac, Ghosty, Sciencegiraffe, Spacenid thank you guys!

Payinku well, yeah. I kinda liked this construction. :stuck_out_tongue:
Rockho that was the point. :wink:
Sciencegiraffe i like weird stuff
Spacenid yeah, that is what i was thinking about while looking for some concepts


I really like the integration of multiple different building systems brought out by lego! from what I can see there’s system, CCBS, some G1 pieces here and there, Technic, Galidor, overall a very good use of all these different systems to create a very awesome MOC! props to you my friend!

The great sharktopuss has sent us this glorious moc. :ok_hand:

My gripe only is that the teeth aren’t white and pointy. Otherwise, he’s pretty legit.

So much yes.
This is awesome.

The is really cool. I like the head.

Meh. He’s more whale-ish. This is like his cousin that he never like to talk about.

A very creative idea with an equally creative execution. The shaping and color layering are great.

What is that shark head built out of?

Anyway I love this. This is tmnt silly and it’s amazing.

This is pretty cool. And im shocked you found a way to use a galidor part

RayFisch, Zero, darkbrick999, AdamusTheFirst, MaximusPrime, Stoax, Khalsa721, Calebmar12 thanks!

RayFisch it’s really fun to build without dividing the pieces into various building systems. I just use the pieces i find appropriate.
Khalsa721 a piece from galidor and system


This is great.