Community G1 Toa: Arvik

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So… it’s about time I got around to posting this guy.
He is my entry to the Community MOC Project by @TheMoltenKing

Name: Unknown, Arvik (non-canonical)
Toa Team: Karda
Element: Iron
Weapons: Protodermis Great sword & Kite shield

“I don’t know about you, but I certainly enjoy my own company! I mean, I have such a great personality! The matoran love me too, you know!”

  • Arvik

There is basically no information about this in the canon (or at least I couldn’t find it), so I don’t really know what to say… he is a pretty charismatic and self-centered, but kindhearted Toa and a brave warrior.
I imagine him as the tank of the team, being up front defending his team as well as covering their backs when things get bumpy.


Love everything with this, besides the “hands”. Could have used at least the Glatorian type of hands or the HF ones to finish the whole appearance.

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Thank you :slight_smile: [quote=“TeslaEffect, post:2, topic:37619”]
Could have used at least the Glatorian type of hands or the HF ones to finish the whole appearance.

I see what you mean. I guess it would improve the appearance, at least on the right hand, since the left one is covered by the shield.

Personally I don’t mind just using standard technic hand connectors for hands. Besides, it is for the G1 MOC Project, so I think it is fitting with the old style of hands.

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Maybe try one of these three pieces to connect the shield with the arm (with additional axel or pin to connected with the hand), since the hand joints dont have the middle axel hole.

I can totally understand your approach to this, my own G1 sets, MOCs and MODs dont have hand joints. However, If I use more CCBS like pieces on my set, I would most likely add in hand joints. For G1 thankfully you can add in the Glatorian hands, but if you want more digited hands, the HF is the way to go.

Or how about create a custom hand. I found that the method Alieraah used to create custom hands to be quite good. Plus she said the hand method she used makes it so that the main hand piece is still quite tight, despite it not being a traditional ball socket piece.The hand construction uses 7 pieces for each hand, so its not too overbearing to make and it works on standard ball joints…however you would need to modify the way weapons are held in hands since it isnt a standard hand piece at all.

If not I hope at least this helps you with your future builds :slight_smile:

He looks very good

This guy is a lot of fun. His colors are nothing extraordinary, but the Keetorange really helps break what would otherwise be a rather generic figure. The overall stature definitely radiates a sort of arrogance to it, though is still noble in a way. I think the legs are what draw me most to this MOCs design, looking very solid and phenomenal from all angles. Great job overall.

How kind of you :3 I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!
Who knows, this guy is nearly a year old, so he might be in need of a slight revamp soon…

Thank you :slight_smile:

I agree. I am proud of the lower legs myself too :stuck_out_tongue:


This is friggin’ awesome.

The arms seem a bit long, (especially in the second photo) but other than that it’s great.