Community Writing Project: Remake of G1 Sign-Up(Closed) and Discussion

###Sign Ups closed. Maybe be re-opened if necessary

This is a Sign-Up for anyone who would be interested in helping rewrite the G1 storyline. Keep in mind that if you don’t think you have the time or skill set necessary, then you should not sign up for this. This is a huge project that’ll require lot of effort to achieve. Post below if you’re interested in participating.

Please note that no one is expected to write entire books on their own. Most likely we’ll be writing this as a serial. Everyone will have different assignments and we’ll all be working on this together as a team.

Here’s the website where we’ll be posting the story:

[List of participants]

I’m interested

I’m definitely going to follow this.
Can I participate to a lesser extent?
How, also, will this be formatted? Chapters? Books? Entire years?

I will help, just give me the detail load out.

I’m in!

I’m definitely interested.

Yes. We’ll probably have a mix if headwriters and consultants. My thoughts are that we’d organise this as story serials that would branch out over time, but we’ll work that out after sign up.

@LurkingEhlek We work out all the details after we have a full sign up list.


I can definitely critique stuff. (Like how, in the sentence I just wrote, I should have said things instead of stuff)
I guess I’m in.

I’ll help with the writing part.

Also, you should probably point out in the topic section that we’re not expecting people to all write volumes and epics; proofreaders and such can help too, and the time commitment for them would be significantly less.

Hi. I’m @OraNui. I already know about this and would like to sign up.

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So, after we do the sign-ups, where will we go from there?

Figure out who’s going to focus on what, I think.

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Instead of making a new topic I’ll close sign ups and rename the topic

Then we’ll do that and other more logistical aspects that require our attention.

For now let’s wait and see if anyone else is interested. Life is calling me so I need to go. I’ll check back later in the afternoon (PST).

No need to close sign-ups yet, I think. Some people aren’t on the boards 24/7 but might be interested in contributing.

Agreed. I won’t close sign ups until at least two days have past. Ish.

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I don’t think I know the story well enough to write entire parts of the story, but I can edit things.

I’m in.


@ToaSonus, what roles will people be taking?
Because I can write, but I’d be a better editor. I’m very critical when it comes to writing, especially when said writing is important.
Also, I don’t have the kind of time it takes to write this.

Yes I am writing man I do writing yes I help

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I’d love to do this, but maybe when I have a little more time on my hands.