Community Writing Project- Remake of G1

A community writing project focused around a remake of G1 BIONICLE. This project is titled BIONICLE: The Legend Retold.
More details will be revealed over time. Stay tuned and check this page daily!
Official Website:
Interested in participating? Sign up before we fully reveal all of the details. This is a limited time offer!


Dear god, what have I started... :fearful:


You? I'm here on my own accord. :laughing:

Something good.
I look forward to the 2008 part of this, it's my absolute favorite part of G1.

I think what need to establish first is a sign up. We can't all do it on our own (Yes, I'm referencing Cryoshell's closer to the Truth). We also need people who have the time, and capability to figure out how they want to write this. Many fans would be interested in this idea, but not everyone has the skill set necessary to make to happen.

We're not making a movie. It will be our doom if we do.

Let's do it. How will we execute this idea? (finding out their time, how they want to write it)

I'd imagine it'd be more like "Scripts of the Bionicle Cinematic Universe" or "Bionicle Literary Universe..."

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I think this would require a separate Topic. (We probably should have moved this to a PM instead).

You should start it up....too lazy to do it

I'd say just put a sign-up list along with the info in the OP. It worked for the D&D campaign and the Brotherhood of the Makuta MOC project.

Well, like I said before, the actual writing should probably occur in a Google drive folder.


Yep. Folder all the way.

Agreed, but that's step 3 or 4.

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I really want to sign up, but this is a big project, and all I really want to do is 01 and 08...
May I be a part-timer?

Should I make the sign up topic or does someone else want to take the lead with that?

I also wish to sign up, but my skills are more attuned to fleshing out and fine tuning...

Also, college student, so not enough time to be the head writer, but I could be a sub-writer.

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You could, but if you don't want to make it, I can....

I'll do it then.

@matanui606 I'm sure we'll have writers working in different capacities.

Great, then count me in!

Wait. Should I put the sign up topic on the community category or in the literature?