Concept for Lesovikk

Are the origins behind Toa Lesovikk as simple as most others? “Set designers made a set, I saw a green guy and decided he’d be a Toa of air,” or did you maybe request a color scheme/element, or did they maybe come to you and say “We have a rough idea for someone riding a sea sled, think you can work that into your story?”

Understanding this would have happened over a decade ago it’s completely understandable if you have zero recollection, it just came to my mind a minute ago and figured I’d ask, thanks, Greg!

I never requested a set, I didn’t have that kind of authority. It was the same as it always was – they had made a set, and I helped come up with an identity for it.


As always thanks so much for taking the time away from your job, friends, family, and personal life to answer all these silly questions- we really appreciate it :smiley: