Concept Tahu and Sword Ikir

Last minute entry for BZPs the Legend Continues contest. Tahu is inspired by some of the concept art in the Bionicle Art book, mostly in the addition of some silver armor with a hunting spear and boots(?, don’t really know what those are in the book, but I like em) along with his more traditional gear. The creature Ikir is based on the concept that transforms him into a fiery greatsword.


Moved to Lego Creations- 1000p30

They both look great :thumbsup:
The only thing I don’t like is Ikir’s head, but I get that that it’s a sword too so I wouldn’t mind that since the sword looks cool

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i wonder what that sword tastes like?

amazing moc too.


That’s amazing. Ikir turning into a sword is really well done!

Nice! Ikir’s head looks a bit odd, but I’ll accept that out of necessity for the transformation.

It transforms into a sword and is still roughly the same size as Agil…?
Impressive. Very impressive.

I love this. The idea of Ikir being able to transform into a sword is something I haven’t seen a whole lot in the MOCing community. The transformation itself doesn’t inhibit Ikirs design in the slightest, though the head is left rather simple. The silver is distributed well enough that it plays nicely with the predominantly gold armor. All in all this is a great recreation of the concept!

I’m not a huge fan of the armor used for Tahu’s thighs, but I am willing to overlook that because I love this moc, especially the upper half, the torso and arms flow really nicely to me and look really solid.