Concerning TTV's Danganronpa Playthrough

To any and all members of the TTV cast/crew,
Firstly, I hope you are having a good day and if not that it gets better.
Secondly, I have been a long time fan of your Bionicle-centric content, and thus am incredibly pleased with the return of Bionicle top tens and Eljay’s Reviews. However, one of the reasons I was attracted to your content was the unique chemistry the cast had and still has. Because of this, I was incredibly happy when work on the Danganropa - Trigger Happy Havoc playthrough started. The two parts which are out now are some of my favorite YouTube videos of all time, and I found myself laughing uncontrollably for much of them. However, in a channel update video, ( it was stated that the series would be continued weekly, but another episode has not come out for over two months.
I can entirely understand if this is something which is being made but simply has not been realized- I also attempt to make consistent creative content but fall behind often, and I understand BrickFair happened recently. Please forgive me if this was mentioned in a podcast and I missed it. I simply wanted to get an idea of whether or not it would be continued.
Thank you for your time

Hey! Thanks for being interested in them and for expressing your desire to see them. We don’t have many that often inquire about that series.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it will be continuing and it will be weekly, the only thing that has been holding that up has been where it will continue weekly. We’re looking into a few possibilities regarding where the rest of the series will continue, but it’s doubt-able it will be on The TTV Channel proper.

We’re quickly coming to a consensus on where we’ll be posting all the rest (which are basically all done and do exist) and once we know, we’ll announce it.

Again, thank you so much! We do want this Let’s Play out, it has what I believe to be easily the funniest moment we recorded in 2018.


I’m extremely happy to hear this! I also really enjoyed what little we’ve seen of the series so far and have hoped for more, so I’m glad that hasn’t been given up on or left behind. Look forward to seeing it!


Alright, so a bit of an update.


Now, episodes will be releasing every Monday and Friday from here on out. They’ll all be contained to the Archive channel which will be given a new coat of paint and a new purpose. More on that as soon as it’s all squared away.

Lemme know if there are any other questions!