Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

“Um, is that supposed to be good or bad?” Fred asked, as he heard the foreign voices.

“Don’t know, I can’t understand them.” Jeffrey responds.

Soon, he and the group would come to what seems to be a large open room, and in it, a few people with flashlights and bags seem to be looking around. Multiple pillars can be seen throughout the room, with whatever was on them taken, and there seemed to be a throne in the center of the room, though it wasn’t lit, so it was hard to tell if there was someone on it or not.

Jeffrey went silent. This was not looking good.

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Grave robbers?” Fred whispered to Jeff.

Zablex was still with Kimi, keeping an eye on their suroundings.

Jeff nods.

One of the robbers shines their light onto the throne, to reveal a wrapped up person in very ornate armor, with one eye sticking out from beneath the wrappings, it being an artificial one, a pink glimmer coming out of it. The robber goes to inspect it closer.

Jeff thinks. “I think that’s one of the more important leaders from their history.” He whispers. “I just can’t tell which one.”

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Fred shuddered.
“Ugh, mummies. I hate mummies…” he grumbled as he watched the grave robbers move about.

Jeffrey shuffles closer to the robbers to try and get a better look.

Suddenly, one of the robbers turns to the entrance that Fred, Jeffrey and co. are coming out of, and sees the group.

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Fred froze, like a deer in headlights; Or, more fittingly, a nerd in a flashlight.
“Uh…yo sólo hablo Inglés…?”

He calls for some of his friends, and all but the one examining the body come at the group.

Jeffrey, not being able to think of what else to do, freezes. “Uh…” He stutters

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Fred silently turned to Jeff.
“Should we ‘use them’?” He asked him, clutching his meteorite necklace.

Jeff snaps out of it. “Y-yeah!” he stutters, rushing at one of them.

The crystal eye of the mummy flashes as the body starts to shiver, but none but the one examining it are likely to be able to tell. The man takes a nervous step back.

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Fred activated his Meteorite conduit, as tiny superheated pebble-sized rock projectiles began to materialize out of seemingly nowhere and hover around him. He then blasted the miniature meteorites at the grave robbers.

The one robber threw up his arms in an X in front of him, and a crystalline shield materializes to block the oncoming meteorites.

The inspecting robber falls backwards, as the body starts to creak and…it almost seems to move.

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“Wait, they have them too?!” Fred said in surprise, caught off guard by the grave robber’s counter.

“Rude,” Alex mutters, looking around for some way to be useful.

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Jeffrey didn’t answer, and tried using his amethyst to pull on the man’s ■■■■■ telekinetically, but instead just ripping it.

The man who fell yells something as the body starts to rise from its seat, grabbing the spear beside its chair. Meanwhile, he scrambles to his feet and begins to run, and his comrades see him, and what was happening, and follow suit.

Jeffrey, meanwhile, freezes in fear. The dead seemed to be rising, which could only spell something awful.

Kimi hears something from down the hallway. “There’s something going on ahead.” He says, speeding up as he goes down the corridor.

Alex brings her hands up into a loose fighting stance, unsure of what else she could really do.

Eliza jogs after him, her light bouncing around in the dark. “What is it?” she asks.

The other eye of the corpse opens, as it…or more likely, she, takes a fighting stance.

She wore armor of a traditional style to Kunini royalty, most likely forged by herself, as tradition held. She wore tall metal boots that came up to a metal battle-skirt, with a chestpiece over that, and pauldrons going over her shoulders. Under that seemed to be a chainmail ■■■■■, visible down to the forearms, the left one covered in a gauntlet, while the right one seemed to be missing it. Unlike in most depictions of any of the royals, she seemed to be missing the cape, though. On her head sat a golden circlet, the front of which doubled as a way to keep hair(of which she now had none due to decomposition) out of her eyes, and which seemed to be crown-like in design. Around her neck, sitting in an indent built in to her chestpiece, was a necklace, with a gemstone sitting cleanly in the center of it.

Jeff took a step back. He knew that the Conduits could have incredible power, but raising the dead was a new one to him, and it also seemed, to the grave robbers.

“It sounded like a yell.” Kimi responded as he came to a T in the path, and turned left to follow the sound.

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Fred looked on with dread at his undead adversary, as he slung a torrent of meteor projectiles at her.

“Who else is down here?” Jessica asked as she kept pace with the rest of the group.