Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

The undead queen would point her spear at the meteors, and a blast of forceful energy would be expelled from it, knocking them off course, and blasting the group back slightly, enough to stumble, but not to be knocked over fully.

Jeffrey snapped out of it as he stumbled, and looked around for anything he could use.

Kimi started running when he heard what sounded like another low rumble. “Us, the ones we split from, likely some robbers, and the dead.” He explained as he went.

“Are we not going to help our friends?” Zablex asked.

“We’re going to wherever this trouble is coming from.” Kimi growls. “Whether that’s where they are or not.”

Zablex nods, seeming to like Kimi’s answer as he followed.

“What do you mean the dead?” Jessica keeps running.

“You know what undead are?” Zablex asked.

“I’ve never heard of a conduit reviving the dead,” Eliza says. “I’m pretty sure he’s just talking about the skeletons down here.”

“I’ve seen one.” Zablex said with a shudder, “It wasn’t a pleasant experience.”

“This is a catacomb, of course there will be dead people down here. Whether they come back to life or not is a question I don’t know the answer to.” Kimi responded.

Jeffrey sees rubble on the ground, and starts chucking it at the undead lady telekinetically, using his amethyst pendant, but she blasts them away just like she did the meteors.


Fred thought for a moment, thinking analytically as he fended off the undead monarch.
“Jeff, how large of a projectile can you lift?” He asked him, getting an idea.

“Bit larger than a person. Why?”

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“Are there any loose boulders that large in the ceiling?”

Jeff looks up. “None that won’t make the place collapse on us!” He says.

The queen walks towards them, and fires another energy blast.

“Alternate strategy: we could run and live to fight another day!” Alex hisses between gritted teeth, ducking away from the energy blast. "I love fighting strangers in tombs as much as the next girl, but this really doesn’t seem to be our day.

“Jeff needs help.” Zablex said.

“I don’t think she’d let us run.” Jeff says as he dodges to the side as well. “We need some way to at least stop her.”

Suddenly, it would seem as if transparent yellow chains wrapped around Jeff’s ■■■■■, before disappearing. He tries moving, but finds that he can’t. “Nononononononono.” He starts panicking.

Kimi hears another blast. “We have to be close!” He says, as something made of green crystal starts to materialize in his right hand.

Zablex brings out his kamas.

Alex stares down at her bracelet. “Well that’s a stupid idea,” she mutters.

“Wait, what’s going on?” she demands, standing in front of Jeff. “Are you dying? This sounds like a bad time to die.”

Eliza eyes him warily, but admits to herself that if things are really going wrong, she really can’t complain.

Fred began formulating another plan.
“Do any of you have quartz conduits on hand?” He asked the others.

Jeff struggles some more. “I-I can’t move.” He says. “I’m frozen here.”

The queen walks towards Jeffrey(and the Alex in between them) and points her spear, ready to fire.

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