Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

Zablex just drops into the hole without hesitation.

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Eliza drops behind him, light leaking from her pendant and illuminating whatever tunnel they find themselves in. Alex stands on the surface, peering down the hole.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect us to start our investigation by chasing a random person into an alley and jumping down a hole.”

“Hey, where’s your sense of adventure?” Eliza calls up.

“At home with my magic shield. At least tell me there aren’t skeletons down there?”

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“It’s a catacomb, of course there are.” Jeff says as he jumps in, running after the man, still just barely visible. "Stop running! He calls. “We aren’t here to hurt you!”


Alex shrugs to Fred and Jessica. “Well, we should probably follow them before they get too far away.” @Mctoran @Diero

Eliza follows after Jeff, trying to hold her conduit up to light the way more clearly.

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Fred slowly followed behind. Nearby, he thought that he saw a suspicious black van parked nearby in his peripheral vision. But when he turned in that direction, nothing was there.
Maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid and on edge. We are in an airport parking lot after all, of course there would be some black vans…oh well, guess my imagination is getting out of hand again… he thought, hastily entering the catacombs.

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Jessica follows them into the hole, pulling out a flashlight as she does so.
“This is much easier than I thought it’d be.”

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“Maybe it’s a trap,” Alex quips, following Jessica into the catacombs. “The others can probably handle themselves. And I can stick to walls. Everything is fine, we’ll be fine.”

“That is so reassuring” Replies Jessica.

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Alex just laughs. “I know, I can have that effect on people.” She pauses, looking around.

“You know, now that we’re out of the way, I can probably talk about this a bit more.” She raises her arm, twisting slightly so that her bracelet jangles in the limited light. “It’s some sort of ancient magic I guess, from the people that made these catacombs a few thousand years ago. They’re called conduits, made using gemstones like this. I’m still a bit new to this, to be honest, but the others seem to know what they’re doing. If you want some magic for yourself, I’m sure they could find something for you.”

Jeffrey chases down the tunnel, hoping to catch whoever it is, or at least get close enough. He reaches out, and his pendant glows as he telekinetically grabs the back of the person’s ■■■■■ and pulls them backwards, making them fall to the ground, for enough time for them to catch up with the person.

Eliza catches up with the person, holding her conduit up and letting it shine more brightly to illuminate the scene.

“Hey,” she says, holding her other hand up, palm outward. “Hey, we just want to talk, okay? Can we just stay here and talk for a few minutes?”

The man stood up and turned to face the group, hand out. “So, you have them too?” He asks. “Why are you here?”

“How about you state why you are here before we introduce ourselves?” Zablex asked, bringing out his escrima.

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“Because you were the ones chasing me.” The man added.

“He’s got a point,” Eliza mumbles. “Uh, Jeff, why did we start chasing him again?”

“Because he was running.” Jeffrey says, realizing how weak his reasoning was now. “He ran straight into an alleyway, and seemed suspicious.” He sighs. “Yeah, bad reasoning, sorry. I am Jeffrey.” He says to the strange man. “We are here to look for…artifacts, and any clues on this place.”

“I’m Elizabeth,” Eliza offers, waving sheepishly with her free hand. “You have a conduit too? How long have you had it?”

Zablex didn’t stow his escrima and he also never gave his name to the man, “Why are you at this site?” He asked.

“I could ask you the same thing.” The man says, not seeming to be scared of Zablex. “And to those of you who told me your names, like civilized people, I am…” He pauses for a second. “Kimi.” He then turns to Eliza. “Longer than any of you.”

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“Well, Kimi, it is nice to be acquainted with you. I am Fred.” Said fred, extending his hand.

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