Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

“I ask because I’ve had some, shall we say, less than friendly encounters that started out just like this recently.” Zablex said, “So, I ask, Kimi, that you forgive my reluctance to trust someone who fled into a sewer.” He told him.

“Now, I am still curious why you are going to the archaeological site.” Zablex said, “If you’re completely honest with me, I will tell you why I am here with that same level of honesty; sound fair?”

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“I mean, maybe you could start with your name?” Eliza suggests. “He might be more willing to be honest with you then.”

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"Let’s just say I am not the first, and I doubt the ones I saw had good intentions."He said, ignoring Fred and turning to leave. “Now if you’d excuse me.”

“Wait, not the first to do what?” Eliza presses, moving in front of him. “To enter the dig site? Are there looters using this tunnel?” She looks back at the others, worry etched onto her face. “Imagine what those sort of people could do if they got a hold of conduits. Or who they could sell those conduits too.”

Zablex tries to determine if this person was lying.

“Exactly why I’m trying to stop them, if you all would let me do so.” He grumbles.

Seeing as how Kimi was not facing Zablex, along with the room still being relatively dark, it’d be hard to know whether he was lying or not.

Jeff looked worried. “Well, we’d better look then, too. I’d be irresponsible of us not to.”

“Then there is no time to waste.” Zablex said.

Eliza nods nervously. “Lead the way, Kimi.” She holds her pendant up at arm’s length, allowing its light to shine down the tunnel ahead.

Kimi simply continues down the pathway, not responding to Eliza.

Jeffrey frowns as he follows. He wasn’t sure he trusted this man, but he thought it’d be immoral to use his ring to find out the truth. Guess I’ll just have to hope for the best. He thinks to himself.

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Eliza follows, glancing around at the catacombs as they travel.

“So,” she says, clearing her throat quietly. “Are you from St. Petersburg, Kimi?”

Alex catches up to the group, presumably with Jessica in tow.

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Zablex, keeping his escrima out, follows Kimi as best he could.

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Fred, although suspicious, chose to put aside his apprehension and risk trusting Kimi, as he followed after him.

“So, there wouldn’t happen to be any, erm…corpses here, are there?” He asked, a bit nervously.

Kimi ignores him.

Jeff, on the other hand, responds. “What else would you expect inside catabombs?” He asks.

Soon, they pass by an indent in the wall, and Kimi points at it briefly while he continues walking, and while the body itself cannot be seen under the wrappings and armor, it is quite obvious that it is, in fact, a dead body.

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Fred shuddered at the disturbing sight, trying his best to hide his apparent disgust and fear.
“Well…that sure is something isn’t it? Why dont we start walking a bit faster?”

Jeffrey slows when he sees the armor, and a specific glint of gold hits his eye.

“…This was a king.” He says. “Look at the helmet, it has bits of gold in it. That means this was the armor of a king. I think we’re in the royal catacombs.”

He then shakes out of it. “Uh, yeah, we probably can.”

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Fred nodded, hastily walking faster.

Zablex gives the body a bow of his head as he passed, paying respects to this leader before quickening his pace to catch up with the others.

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Soon, they would come across a fork in the path.

Himi stops, trying to decide which way to go.

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“Well, which way do you think we should go?” Fred asked out loud.

“We split up.” Kimi said.