Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

“I’d rather we not.” Zablex said, “If someone is here for nefarious reasons, we need safety in numbers.”

“Yet we can cover more ground if we do, and find them quicker.” Kimi responded. “I can take care of myself, so you all pick a direction, and I’ll head the other way.”

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Why is this starting to feel more and more like a Scooby Doo episode…” Fred grumbled to himself, as he tried to decide which path he and the group should go down.

“-How about the left path?” he suggested, pointing towards it.


Alex laughs. “Let the person we just met run off on their own? You’re just trying to lose us.”

“He has a point, though,” Eliza adds, looking between the tunnels. “We have enough people that we can split up, and it sure beats taking a guess and being wrong.”


Kimi glared at her. “Fine. A few of you can follow me then, if you trust me so little.” He growls, going down the right path.

Jeff blinks. “Well alright then.” He says, heading down the left path himself. “I guess you guys follow whoever you want.”


Fred shrugged, going down the left path.

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Eliza looks down the right path, where Kimi disappeared.

“Well, go on then,” Alex says. “Just don’t get murdered.”

“Thanks,” Eliza says with a dry laugh. “Stay safe, okay?” Alex nods, and the two hug briefly before heading down separate tunnels, Alex down the left and Eliza down the right.

“Hey, wait up!” Eliza calls to Kimi, her lit pendant bouncing as she jogs to catch up. “I’m sorry that my friends have been so suspicious of you. We’ve had some problems with untrustworthy strangers before. It could maybe help if we knew a bit more about you?”

Alex walks behind the others, squinting to see in the darkness. “Well, fun place we have here. I’m really enjoying my vacation so far.”


Jessica follows down the path Kimi went in, still wondering what exactly is going on


Kimi is silent for a moment. “I’d prefer not to tell, but I guess you’d figure some of it out anyways. I was born in this area, lived here most of my life. Recently, moved west some, before returning once I heard that this had been discovered here. Anything else?” He asked.

Jeffrey stops partway down the corridor. “Did you hear that?” He asks.

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“This isn’t an interrogation,” Eliza says with a smile. “You can tell me anything you feel comfortable with. I’m from Wisconsin, if you were curious. Lived there all my life; this is only my second time leaving the country. Hopefully this will go better than last time…” She glances over her shoulder, smiling and waving to Jessica. She was glad to have someone else with her.

“Hear what?” Alex looks around.

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“It’s been quite a long time since I was in my home country.” He laments, before the group approach what seems to be a large amount of rubble, as if a building above had collapsed into the tunnel. Kimi starts to search around in the rubble.

“I thought I heard someone’s voice.” Jeffrey tells them.

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“Really? I don’t think I heard anything…what did the ‘voice’ say?” Fred asked.

Ï couldn’t tell. I just heard what sounded like a person." Jeff responded as he continued forwards. “We should probably stay cautious. Just in case.”

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Fred nodded, keeping his eyes and ears open as they continued walking along.

“Um, on the offchance that we do encounter something down here, do you all know how to use your conduits offensively?” He asked.

“Well enough.” Jeffrey responds.

Kimi continues searching through the collapsed rubble. “It should be here somewhere.” He mutters to himself.

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Zablex was with Kimi, keeping an ear out and his eyes open for anything amiss.

“Just got this today and have no idea how to use it on a person,” Alex says with a shrug. “Best way to learn is by trying it, right?”

What should be here somewhere?” Eliza asks, holding her pendant above the rubble. She keeps an eye out for anything unusual among the rocks, though she has no idea what they might be looking for. A conduit?

Her light soon hits what seems to be a glint of metal.

Kimi perks up at the sight, and goes over to investigate. “If I’m right, it’s something very important that we get before anyone else.”

Jeffrey chuckles. “I mean, I guess so. Just…stick 'em to a wall. Or something. I dunno.”

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Zablex keeps watch near Kimi.

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“So, why again is this ‘thing’ exactly important? What could it potentially be abused for?”