Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

Seeing as how Fred was with the group Kimi was not with, down the other pathway, Kimi didn’t hear him.

Kimi picked up what looked to be a sword, and started inspecting it.

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Eliza leans over the metal, illuminating it with her pendant. “Some kind of conduit?”

“I could stick their shoes to the ground,” she muses. “Like tying their shoelaces together, but with magic. I’d have to get waaay too close to their feet, though.”

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As she looks, she might see a diamond-shaped clear gem in the center of the guard, surrounded by runes. “Yes.” Kimi said, feeling how the blade felt in his hand.

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“Diamond Conduit sword?” Zablex asked casually.

“Sunstone.” Kimi corrects, flipping it over a few more times, before his ring glows, and a green crystal starts to grow over the sword.

“Remind me what that does.” Zablex said, drawing a kama as he was nervous.

Eventually, the gems would shatter into a green energy that flows into the ring, leaving no sword behind. With that, he keeps walking.

“I asked a simple question.” He said, calmly.

“And I figured the display of it being stored into the ring was answer enough.” Kimi responded curtly.

“Stores solar energy for a hardlight construct?” He asked.

“It stores objects.” He responds, gesturing the the sword that was no longer in his hand. “As I figured you could see.”

OOC: Sorry for my poor description, it’s the same type of stone as Eliza’s new Conduit, the Peridot.

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“Pocket dimension storage.” Zablex said with a smile as he put the kama away, “Handy.”

Jess pipes up from the back of the group, still very confused about the current situation.

“Um, could you please warn me the next time you do something weird to a potentially priceless artifact?”

“It’s not like it hurt it.” Kimi responded as he went forward.

Jeffrey stops again, as voices can be heard at the end of the corridor.

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“That’s what Conduits are, magical artifacts with differing powers depending on the stone.” Zablex said as he raised his hand for Jess to see, “For example:” His pendant glows briefly and the raised hand petrified into the same obsidian-like stone, “mine can petrify.” He restores his hand to its natural state. He continues following Kimi.

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“Okay, now I definately hear it.” Fred admitted.
“But where is it coming from, and by who? Or what?”

“Maybe it’s a ghost,” Alex suggests with a shrug.

Eliza follows after Kimi.

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“Or grave robbers.” Jeffrey responded as he started going again. Soon, light might be seen at the end of the corridor as their voices become louder. Unfortunately though, it also became clear that they weren’t speaking a language any of the group knew.

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Jessica follows after Kimi, grumbling to herself about “stupid magic”