Confrontation at the wind village hut [MOC][Brickonicle]

Little build I made while listening to the podcast. would probably be a 22.99 $ set.


what did you use to make it

just LDD

thanks i thought it was shut down

I like the flag tower and nice parts usage on the minifigs :thumbsup:


Changed Catergory ~OT

you can still use LDD, you just cant order your mocs from LDD anymore

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ah thats sad

This is really cool. In the last pic, is the dude to the far left lerahk?

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A nice, simple little hut. I like the attention to detail in areas like the roof tiling.



I like it! The detailing is really good in and around the hut, while it doesn’t look to busy. The inclusion of the windmill is nice, and NPU for all the minifigures and the weapons, especially Lewa’s axes.

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