Connie: Kolk's Best Friend.

A prototype of the next planned series of Armored Intelligence. Connie was designed to display a range of emotion, while also having high precision with knives and daggers. She is also Kolk’s friend who plans to help him rediscover his past.





###Size Comparison

Kolk is on the left, Jaller Mahri is on the right.


That’s clever to show emotion through that shoulder piece used on the face. I especially like how you managed to use the black one with printed First Order detail. Great work.

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I really love the color and design of this MOC; the only part that seems odd is the ends of the red shells near the wrists with how far they fan out.

They’re meant to be super long sleeves and to pay homage to the original source material’s arms. Basically, think of them like these:

^ Original base inspiration.


I knew there was some Canti in there! Anyways, great MOC using CCBS over Technic to create a smooth skin with just a bit of greeble showing through.

I love this.

The first order shoulder works too well!