Connor Hoffman's Edited Posters Topic

Here’s where I’ll be posting edited posters, wallpapers, and other stuff that I want to show off and/or share!

Here’s a wallpaper I made as one of the prizes for my latest contest:

With Titles:

Without Titles:

And a Timelapse of me editing it:

And now, a dump of all my random projects over the years… (Some are better than others)

Thanks for looking!


this looks really cool, I also like Ayhax and what I guess are glasses on it’s head

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These are pretty cool. What exactly are they based off of?

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All except Helryx are my original characters. Shelok, Khafu, and Glace were built by the winners of the contest, I built the other 3. You can find the story context here: Knight of Nights: Knoxus' Story: Prologue 1


I love how much the font resembles that which was used for some of the official Bionicle promotional material

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As with everything you do, I find this awesome!
Great editing, and great MOCs to go along with it!

What exactly did you use to make it?

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If I remember correctly, shouldn’t Lesovikk also be here?


You’re right. I could’ve sworn I googled that before I did the contest. Huh. Must’ve gotten the first Toa Team confused with Helryx’s Toa Team. Oh well. Guess it should be renamed “one of the first Toa Teams”

I used GIMP, which is basically Photoshop Lite. I just uploaded a timelapse video of me making this poster to my channel:

Edited for double-post -legomaster


Images look great overal, even went to the effort of ensuring that you edited between the gaps, which is a sign of extra effort being applied where most would’nt notice - so a like for that automatically :stuck_out_tongue:

As for a suggestion, you seem best at adding the Bionicle figure to a background, so rather than drawing in aspects such as the swords being fired in the ‘Epic Knoxus Pic 3’, why not find a cool looking Bionicle piece and then just have those instead.

Admittedly i can understand not doing this for the one’s circling around the body, but i think it could have been interesting to see him firing Bionicle pieces instead of drawn swords. You even have a sword you could have edited in the ‘NewProfile2’ and ‘New Steam Profile’ picture.

In essence, i think you can add floating pieces or pieces being thrown by editing them into the image :3

I agree! I just added another pic I forgot, “KnifedJPG,” to the post. The “Epic Knoxus Pics” in there were all made 5 or so years ago, when I was pretty inexperienced at editing picures. :slight_smile:

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This poster looks so amazing! Wish my creation was up there…oh, well. I’ve learned my lesson. Still be using this as my desktop background, this group looks like a team!

Despite you saying you were inexperienced with that images, it looks pretty epic. The swords could actually mirror tombstones if you want to play around with that concept :wink: Though yeah, feel the idea of using them as wings may have been a touch over-kill, but the imagery is nice and i think it should definitely be something you do more of :3