Constraction MOC: Bug Vulture Man Thing

After I finished the Alien Bounty Hunter Thing, and buying another Chi Razar and a Chi Eris, I made this thing. I gave myself the liberty to use both of the new sets I had bought and the leftovers from the alien to make this. I don't think it is half as good as the alien. I am posting it not for the whole, but for the different techniques I used that felt somewhat original. The head was inspired by the 2001 Nui-Rama. I tried to incorporate the huge amount of feathers I had by putting them on the upper arms themselves. I also attempted to give it a loin-cloth. The hump on his back is supposed to be an exoskeletal shell.


It's decent. Loin cloth is excecuted well, and I like the spike details on his back, it flows well with the back plating, but I feel like it's missing something.....

Give it an epic tail.



Something about it seems off to me. Maybe its the fact that it's a combo Man-Vulture-Bug. smile

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Love the name, and the Moc is really cool too.

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looks good

also posted in the wrong area with my previous work

What do you mean?

Eheh...wrong topic <:L

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I don't mind. sunglasses