Constraction Telephone Game

Hey All,
Love MOCing? Enjoy interacting with fellow Bionicle MOC builders? Well, over at Eurobricks, we are currently holding a Constraction Telephone Game, with full rules over at this link. We are currently looking for entrants - in fact, only five people have signed up to participate so far, including me. I’ve been on this site for a while and know there are many really good MOCists here - I’ve photoshopped many of them in a project I held over here last year - and now we need YOU to join the Constraction Telephone Game! Don’t have a Eurobricks account? Make one! Don’t have enough parts? Use LDD! Does this sound like total marketing? Yes it does, but we really need participants! :smile:

Thanks for joining!


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Sorry bro, you have to be a MASTER in order to advertise here on the boards.